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ERC20 tokens – Simply Explained

Not all cryptocurrencies have their very own blockchains. As a substitute they run on prime of different platforms like ERC20 tokens run on prime of Ethereum. This video explains what these tokens are and why ERC20 was created.

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  1. Great! as always.
    Thank you.

  2. To the point, not a 1H20 video with redundant personal comments, digressions . Very good tutorial. Many look for short, efficient , concise and useful presentations. Time is precious.

  3. Nice work Savjee! Greetings from Belgium.

  4. Good thing erc20 isnt down 69.1% today…….wait…….

  5. Hi, love ur explaination video, simple yet clear. But i am confuse on how those trading platform determine the price of a coin/token? How they make sure the price different between each exchanges? Or a coin/token need to have its own api on price to call or receive?

  6. Your videos are incredible, man. Thanks for the knowledge

  7. Holy shit this channel is amazing. Really well explained and visual representation.

  8. Could you do a video what happens to existing coins in my wallet after the supply runs out.

  9. Can you explain stealth addresses ?? Ty

  10. Good video! thanks for taking the time to make it.

  11. I've watched all your videos about crypto's – theay are amazing. Very clear, understandable with smooth beautiful animations. Thanks man, keep going 😉

  12. Great videos man. Love the accuracy and animations in your content.

  13. So am I to understand that all ERC20 tokens run on the Ethereum blockchain? That must be a monster blockchain then, which must run into problems down the line because of size and processing requirements. I must have misunderstood something. I thought all ERC20 tokens of course had their own blockchain, which were just similar.

  14. The vidéo was very intructive and helpful. May you accept the thankings !

  15. Please explain private blockchain like Monero or Dash! Thanks!

  16. So are all erc20 tokens directly tied to the price of ETH?

  17. Thank you for the very clear, concise basic language to the point description of ERC20 tokens. It shows someone actually knows what they are talking about when they can use language that is straight to the point.

  18. Thanks Savjee. You are as awesome as ever.

  19. Thank you for actually making this mildly simple to understand!!!!

  20. Your videos are awesome! I like everything: visual style, how you structure information, sufficient level of detalization etc. Wish your channel a good luck

  21. What does the decimals mean?

  22. Lost me at smart contract. 😩

  23. What do u do with your tokens when u receive them.

  24. yes u simply explained

  25. good video, very informative.

  26. So technically all ERC20 token are exchangeable with ethers as long as there is a willing seller willing buyer?

  27. Explained very accurately and simplified

  28. Love your work Savjee! Keep up the good work !

  29. Great video! and really value the conciseness of the presentation.

  30. Hi. How can i exchange mmy token to dollar. I have in my erc20 wallet. I have no idea

  31. Damn dude, you are good at explaining this stuff

  32. How to set the value of my ERC20 token? I mean, supppse I want to set 1 token = 10 Ether. Is it possible? Looking forward for your answer Savjee, love your videos

  33. Very well explained.. Thanks

  34. best video about coin vs token. sadly, it is called differently

  35. Hi, I'm missing the point: what is the purpose of setting up our proper crypto currency (via ERC20 or any other means)? why somebody would have any interest in it?

  36. Thank you. Explained clearly.

  37. Since your explanations are so good, Can you make a video on Storj and Burst coin, How they work