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HOW TO: Use MyEtherWallet (MEW) To Send/Receive Ethereum & ERC20 Tokens

This information/tutorial will present you setup and use MyEtherWallet (MEW) to create an Ethereum pockets securely (offline) and test your Ethereum/ERC20 token balances utilizing Etherscan. I additionally present a excessive stage overview of ship transactions offline. However I present you ship Ether/ERC20 tokens on-line utilizing the JSON/keystore file and password that you just generated beforehand. You may as well use MEW with MetaMask, Ledger, Trezor, and Mist, however I confirmed you the way in which that does not require any third get together integration – though they’re higher for safety and is probably not too troublesome to arrange. Let me know if this walkthrough was useful and in case you have any questions concerning the course of? MyEtherWallet is a superb useful resource to get began with a Ethereum pockets so you will get going within the crypto house.

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  2. Great video, very much appreciated.

  3. Great video, very much appreciated.

  4. Dude Im still waiting on my vpn or ledger… LOL

  5. looks like a top of the line wallet. considering i've heard about multiple cases of wallet integrity being compromised this looks reassuring. thanks for the vid

  6. Very usefull.Thanks!

  7. Hi am very new with Ethereum and i need the MyEtherWallet link so i can open a wallet please send me your link thanks

  8. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Thanks for the Help! Never knew you could get things done offline like that!


  10. Thank you so much! that was exactly what I was looking for! 😉

  11. nice video thanks for the infos

  12. How do I send erc20 tokens from etherdelta to trezor? I am use Metamask, and my ERC20 tokens are not in MEW but in etherdelta address. So confusing, How do I send tokens to MEW from etherdelta ?

  13. Thanks for making a vid on this.

  14. I'm abit confused but I'll watch it a few more times anyway. But I got a nano s any tutorials on that n the best wallet for them nn how to work it all out cheers thanks maybe u could make a couple video on how n what to setting it all up or email me some info if u could plz thanks peace hommie

  15. I wasn't too sure of how to securely setup a wallet using MEW, but your video was clear and simple and thanks to you I've just created one! Keep up the good content, really appreciate!


  16. Got my wallet set up. Donations welcome however small: 0xd3425110Ff6cFb959c66AcECdF3699acEf394Df7

  17. Another great video, I needed the secure way.

  18. so I can use this given address for any tokens ? like I want to put 2 different tokens to this wallet , so I use this one address for those 2 different tokens ??

  19. Very precise, thanks! New to this but looks like i am getting a hang of it. 0x7af586F5f845298E01D37dC15397aC3EA8fdE2df

  20. I got hung up on some stuff. When I make this wallet the password is just for that one time wallet and that same password is used twice in the jason file example right. Also once I make that wallet and put something in it I can't add to it right? I need this written out with more detail. I am not confident yet. Also, after I have used it to say put some eth in and send it can someone send back to that wallet or do I have to make a new one with a new address and give that to them to send to me? I need lots of details. Thanks so much.

  21. i want to send my erc20 tokens from mew to an exchange. do i need ethereum in mew or the exchange to cover the transaction fee? plz i need to know

  22. You are the first video I've watched that has explained the offline/online aspect this well. And that you have to go back online to do the actual send/receive, barring the rather confusing alternative method you showed briefly. Thank you!

  23. Thanks, good video. If someone asking me for ERC20 wallet address to send me his company's token, do i need to first add his token to the wallet or just give him my ETH address?

  24. I didn't get the Gas part, did he pay for it??????

  25. Thank you for this tutorial. I have been using online account. Can i create offline account as well? Is it possible to transfer my ether from online account to offline account?

  26. Best Tutorial yet. Thanks dude!

  27. Can someone help me here please????? Here is my dilema: I tried sending trx coins to my nano ledger S through the ledger website which makes you download several apps, one of which is an ether app (classic one). I put in the address ledger gave me and put it in the address bar on coinspot and hit send. It went through but the coins never showed up in my ledger ether app account. (hope that makes sense) I contacted both ledger and coinspot and coinspot said theres nothing they can do and said to contact ledger and show them the address. Ledger replied to me and said we don't support trx but go to "my ether wallet" and see if it went there. So I went and opened a my ether wallet account and am wondering how I get those coins into that wallet. If you can help I'd be forever grateful! THanks, Tom

  28. Why not use Exodus or Jaxx? Is there a difference?

  29. is the best website for trading in bitcoins in INDIA , good support team and real time graphs.

  30. Merci pour ta video. Elle m' a beaucoup a mieux comprendre . A bientôt. 0x70E6aB027F858Ca3426DA098F66730EB4A37394D

  31. Holy crap. What a confusing video. Your explanations are all over and random 🙁

  32. Ahmed el Achkar
    I speak a little English, I understand pretty much the video that helps me a lot to improve my trades. I am French and I live in the Netherlands. 0x70E6aB027F858Ca342­6DA098F66730EB4A3739­4D

  33. Thank you so much for teaching us regarding myetherwallet I learn well once again thank you!

  34. Thank you, helpful explanatory!

  35. so if i want to receive ERC20 tokens, I have to provide a standard ethereum public address, right?

  36. Are there any other software wallets out there that would allow one to send ether from one keystore file to an address (of your choosing)?
    My problem is that myetherwallet cannot decrypt my keystore file!!! I am providing it with the right password but it simply doesn't work.

  37. MEW is also a exchange? I mean can i convert ripple in etherium or cardano into etherium?

  38. Don't have my keystore file, so this didn't help.

  39. I have added my tokens of vsg but not able to send ether from exchange to ether wallet because i have to send 1 vsg therefore tell me how to send ether from exchange to ether wallet i am sending but it is cancelled automatically again and again

  40. How do we make a password? It asks for one but I havent made it yet?

  41. Thanks for great video.

  42. Your explanation is very good
    I participated in some free airdrops and add token addresses as you guide but still not received any tokens in my wallet
    Please guide wht to do???

  43. I appreciated it so much that now I know how to use my ether wallet effectively

  44. Well explained, thank you

  45. How do I purchase ETH?

  46. okay. watched video. Tried to transfer my KBC and ETH. got an error msg that said I didn't have enough$ to complete transaction…. so I have a couple of questions. 1) which address to I enter, the etherscan wallet address or my public address? 2) how do I fund ETH so I have enough to complete transaction? I am new new new at this. Please be patient with me. I would be happy to email you my number if we could resolve this quicker:-D