Sunday , May 19 2019
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Ivan on Tech debates Richard Heart – Bitcoin, Ethereum, IOTA, Crypto Bubble, Tether, Satoshi

Talking with Richard Heart and speaking about Bitcoin Maximalism, Ethereu, IOTA, Crypto Bubble, Bitfinex & Tether, Satoshi Nakomoto

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Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist

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  1. Thank you for watching guys! THE INTERVIEW WAS COMPLETELY CRAZY! Amazing speaking to Richard, very thankful for his time and participation. Feel free to leave the TIME STAMPS under this video! ?

  2. Yeah but what's your opinion on IOTA?

  3. "DAG is stupid. It's just a thing that holds data"

    "I like byteball. Byteball is cool."

  4. What an idiot! I bet he lost money because he used an online Seed generator ???

  5. This guy Richard needs to relax his anger a bit lol

  6. Ask him the same questions now 😀 Also amazing how you stay calm. The way he talks about IOTA is really dumb.

  7. Why is this guy, Richard Heart (not his real name), why is he even relevant? He sounds like the archetypal Shill and fudster

  8. Hey Richard Heart, you lost money on bitcoin. Heres some advice for you. Buy IOTA ???????. You obviously don't know shit.

  9. Somhow i like this guy ??

  10. Richard heart you rock bro

  11. Ivan you are a disappointment

  12. Ivan I didn't realize your were a roger ver Bcash lover lol Richard just spanked you bro.

  13. For a smart guy, he has some sour grapes. Most the the world still have not climbed on yet into Crypto wave, its still early days. Alot of countries you to make big efforts just to start. I dont think the bubble is over yet.

  14. icos are shit, crypto market a scam….buy mine lol….and we are up 50% on bitcoin since this useless, depressing, arrogant , bitter FUD spreader came on!

  15. I notice with Richard Heart that there is an inverse relationship between strength of argument and the number of expletives

  16. Education section on ExpertOption really helped my learn about the trading game

  17. LOL i love richard but he thinkz his smarter then he really is.

  18. Great , tutorial, well explained and easy to understand.. Well done! What you think about SciDex?

  19. watching this 3 months later…. he did make some pretty spot on points.

  20. Richard Heart doesn't like IOTA, nuff said.

  21. IOTA is BS… fundamentals were missed.. don't buy it..

  22. Say what you want about Richard Heart, he fucking entertaining haha

  23. None of the cryptos are truly peer to peer.

  24. -:)))) ooouh man . Many interesting stuff,but guy have to much depresion from situation. We see-:))))

  25. this guy is just trying to be the McAfee of ethereum

  26. The 2014 bubble took 2 years to recover. What the hell is he talking about? This bubble is only going around for 6 months. BTC might go to 3k but I am almost sure it will recover in 2019 or even December 2018.

  27. To the weird long haired dungeon n dragon warrior, are you comming from some kind of failed back to the futur dimension?

  28. Get Peter Thiel on your morning show. ?

  29. Ivan, Slavic people are proud of you. Greetings from Serbia!

  30. mentions jordan peterson…props…

  31. I have now watched this video twice, excellent information and thank you for putting in your work to get it produced.

  32. I love this guy, you don't get the cons of crypto.

  33. Richard i loved this one thank You!!!

  34. Bingo!!!! I've said this a thousand times. The use case for cryptos is no longer a replacement for fiat as a currency, the use case is the technological advancements in application development.
    Therefore, Bitcoin valuation is based in absolutely nothing while ETH, and other ALTS is based on their ability to develop apps within the stack.

  35. This was highly entertaining. How bout we wait for the tech to catch up w the hype before we cry a river ? gimme a break man sorry sack

  36. This guy is absolutley clueless about what crypto currency IS & where the front line really IS. All he see is $$$. The greed is blinding him.

  37. Why do you have this joke on your show? Why is his opionion in crypto considered, his credentials didn't clarify anything. Twitter bio shouts charlatan / scammer 'Billionaire, crypto though leader' wtf is this bs.

  38. Realy interesting interview! Ivan, you did amazing. Feels to me richard point of view is a negative one, focusing on the value only, missing the whole new finance revolution here! Being fanatic in any field is unhealthy. So instead of realizing this is a lesson to be learned, and continue the revolution, he is killing the space. To bad! He is very intelligent and creative.


  40. How many F bombs in this interview? Lost count!

  41. I just saw Richards heart June 4th 2018 interview and he seems a lot more positive now 🙂

  42. I only just watched this interview. I also just read the first 100 comments on this page. I am curious as to if the commenters would still hold the same views looking at the current BTC chart levels.

  43. Im glad you guys were wrong so far… we have crypto psyquics over here !!!

  44. This is an interview I just found today. Worth every minute.