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One Reason Ethereum Is Taking Over 2018 – And Why I Bought More ETH

On this video I discover Ethereum and why I suppose it’s the go-to crypto for decentralized functions. The area is rising exponentially with among the best expertise and concepts.

This time that we stay in is correct at first of brand name new expertise, and as increasingly of the brightest minds get their arms on this expertise, some superb platforms and concepts might be created.

That is the foundational motive why I purchased extra Ethereum. I suppose ETH has a lot potential by way of development.
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*’The above video references an opinion and is for data functions solely. It’s not meant to be funding recommendation. Search a duly licensed skilled for funding recommendation.’

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  1. I believe eth is a fantastic investment. I got myself cornered flipping alts for more litecoin during this market correction. Now im positioned 95% litecoin. I dont think this is a good thing but i cant bring myself to get rid of any. Thanks for keeping me entertained while we wait for the markets to rebound!

  2. Which one do you think is gonna be more bullish lite or eth?

  3. Your topics are always interesting and well explained. My opinion – more bullish on LTC. ETH must be part of everyones portfolio as well as BTC. To ride the hills and valleys you must also be in Alts. WOOT!

  4. Another awesome video! Curious to know what your other investments are!

  5. Too many great coins to invest in, I can't decide whether to buy ETH or NEO next

  6. Sadly I sold all my Ethereum to buy more litecoin. I'm thinking I should have left something in there lol but my heart was screaming LITECOIN LITECOIN ?

  7. Crypto has to be the future. I swear i will eat my dick if its not hahaha…

  8. Sending Litecoin is so much smoother and less stressful than sending eth or btc. Just my $0.02.

  9. Rumor has it that new use cases will be discovered for LTC such as smart contracts

  10. Outstanding video Dan, much appreciated my brother. I'm hodling a lot of EOS, hedging that EOS will be a real competitor to ETH. What do you think about EOS? Your channel is one of my very favorites. A+

  11. Yeah. Good idea. I have quite a few litecoin and 2 ethereum. It’s painful to see ethereum do well and litecoin not do as well.

  12. I like your take on things outside of Litecoin and Bitcoin. Very informative, keep it up!

  13. I am loving Eth gains been trading it more than Ltc recently. I see Eth going to the moon before Ltc, just look at the recent bull run. I am a Ltc fan/hodler but it's starting to feel like a cult. Haha I would love to see more Eth videos. God bless you too brother in Christ.

  14. Quick Question / Clarification, Did you " Buy More ETH " Recently / at these prices ? if not, what do you see as a good " buy in " Price Range ? I picked up 2 under $ 900 recently, and was wondering, after this video, if I need to get more / and at what price. thanks for the " Inside Info " on what may be coming to ETH

  15. NEO will have a much bigger % gain then eth by far!

  16. NEO is greater than ETH. NEO will catch and pass ETH!! NEO is faster and can take 1,000 transactions where ETH is limited to 15.

  17. My feelings on ETH and I've heard this repeated elsewhere is that it's the MySpace of crypto currency. Now it may know this and be actively avoiding the same path as MySpace and succeed in the long run (or not). There are better solutions for what it does.