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How to Build Ethereum Dapp (Decentralized Application Development Tutorial)

For extra movies on how to construct decentralized functions on The Ethereum Blockchain:




Desk of Contents
1. Smoke Check [11:40] Code:
2. Record Candidates [27:10] Code:
three. Forged Votes [1:13:38] Code:
four. Watch Occasions [1:48:05] Code:

Set up Dependencies [8:53]: Earlier than downloading app code from desk of contents, set up dependencies and observe setup directions. And ensure you run `$ npm set up`.

Full App Code:

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  1. Those watching in 2019 , Now put" pragma solidity 0.5.0 ;" and define constructor like " constructor () public {} " instead of contract name.

  2. Hey great video,
    i have a problem after i typed truffle console (22:00) the terminal goes to truffle(ganache) instead of truffle(development) what might be the reason for that? Thanks in advance

  3. Part: 20:53

    Did anyone face an error like this:
    Error: Returned values aren't valid, did it run Out of Gas?

    It appears while entering the command truffle migrate. I searched on the net, but as I could see, the problem is with the Web3.js

  4. Hi Gregory, When you tell about the Voting application scenario, that the data is shared across all the network. Isn't it gives a Uncertainty that if the voting data is shared across the nodes in a network then it will give a feeling of Untrust among the voters who cast their votes to a candidate. Whatif a device (node) reveals the voting information to public. Could you please explain what is the encryption level in this kind of blockchain environment ? Thanks

  5. Also, there is one more query that, in Voting application scenario, Who all will be the shareholders (as in the nodes on the blockchain network) of the Code and Voters data. Are voters also acting as a node in this scenario ?

  6. Man! This is better than many Udemy courses.
    Thanks a lot. I am a Web Developer, but I am looking forward to become a BlockChain Developer.

  7. Awesome explanation. i think this is the best ever explanation i came across. Works perfectly.Thank you soo much.

  8. Really liked the tutorial … PLEASE EXTEND IT AND ADD MORE FEATURES xD

  9. Excellent job, thank you so much for this tutorial.

  10. Hi ! Can some one explain to me how does this works please ?
    @t ????

  11. I have gone through several videos subject to blockchain and smart contracts, got a course as well from plural sight but this is very good video which explains from very basic to good level. I really appreciate it. 🙂

  12. great smart contract.. is any video on windows os ??

  13. Its very deep explanation and very well.. Please share pdf file also

  14. guys after everything when u import ur 2nd or 3rd account for voting i can see like this
    1 Candidate 1 2

    1 Candidate 1 2

    1 Candidate 1 2

    2 Candidate 2 0

    2 Candidate 2 0

    2 Candidate 2 0

    Select Candidate

    Your Account: 0x72be361c09efde84bab045dd1d7f5ac4b62be434
    why is this list having 6 columns ,it should have only 2 .
    please help me solve this

  15. Hi!! It's a great tutorial, I followed it step by step but when I run dev candidates don't appear but I'm logged in with my metamask account. I'm using pragma 0.5.0 and the contract migrated correctly, can anyone help please??

  16. Everything worked well then I shut down my computer. When I opened it the next day and rerun the server, the webpage displayed no candidates . I think it was unable to extract the candidates from the contract. How to solve this?

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  18. Please make further extensions of this app