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Ethereum: Price Action Soon

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  1. What are your settings for the cloud?

  2. Using 7 indicators is not price action. That’s just indicator based technical analysis.

  3. excellent tech. analysis on eth.  Do you use macd to see overbought/oversold as well?  Crypto volatility is so much like options trading for us junkie traders.

  4. Top man, J. Thank you for posting buddy.

  5. The best analysis. Tx ! Mostly because they are bullish 😉

  6. I have 100 ether. Bought at 8 dollar in Jan 2017. 🙂

  7. What‘s wrong with Ethereum? Why do you hate it? 🤷🏽‍♂️

  8. You need to explain triangle, continuation, Adam/Eve, targets and other acronyms for newbies, more users will share & likes will go⬆😉

  9. please if anyone could send me 2 dollars on ETH :
    please i will be so thankful for him

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  12. You were right about price action just not the direction 🙂 Great videos btw, learnt a lot from you. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  13. Some price action alright!!!! LOL $650

  14. So what happened to your vids? After a market correction you decided not to do any videos all of a sudden?

  15. where are you 🙁 any vids coming soon?

  16. good prediction on ETH/BTC. any updates?