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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Analysis Chart 1/17/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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  1. Bitconnect unloading BTC ?

  2. The thing about you is that you are not hodling but you are just buying and selling every day to make profit off from those noobs who are hodling and losing. You feed off from those noobs.

  3. Haha, I hate it when my account gets too large!

  4. Looking forward to your next stock TA video!

  5. Today at 4pm, on BTC, it looked coordinated to me, a nasty sell off. BTC lost $1000 inside 25mins! Sorry if that sounds paranoid but to me, it looks like a bunch of day trader selling off to go home for the day. Your channel seems to be encouraging a massive amount of day trading hysteria.

  6. ChartGuy Dan Rocks..! his partner Jason there not so much……

  7. It looks like people selling off together on purpose. Not sure if that is illegal or not. I dont appreciate that if that is what happened at 4pm cst. lol. dicks

  8. Hi, can someone help answer what taking profits means? Does that mean turning your profits into BTC, or back to fiat? What do most people do, or mean by this?

  9. Great videos Dan. Question, I have limited trading knowledge, want to learn more. Which one of your courses do you recommend for the above amateur/below mediocre trader? I see you offer a few different courses but not sure which one will suit me best.
    Look forward to your reply and as always, your next vid!!

  10. You my friend are a top notch analyst 🙂

  11. Thanks for all your videos. I am new to the trading space, but binge watching your YouTube tutorials last week has given me the confidence to start trading this week. And man did I pick a week to start!!

    I've been trading after work for a few hours each day this week and so far I've made about 15% off the €1,000 I started with on Sunday. Your tip to look for RSI dipping below 20 was pure gold during the dump. I've also bought in heavily for a €15,000 long-term position at around the €8,200 mark hodling for a €15,000 price… at which point I'm going to take my initial capital out and continue trading with my gains. Well that's the plan. Here's hoping!!

    As a noob my main takeaway point were: don't be greedy (take a little often rather than being left holding the bag), have an exit strategy (for me scaling out from €20 up is king) and definitely have a firm stop-loss in place – I got burnt on my very first trade.

    Please keep the videos coming – I'm loving learning!

  12. Thanks again for the great videos Dan ! Thanks to your videos, I manage to rebuy at the bottom, around 9100. But then, I sold at 10300 and couldn't guess it will form a higher low then ! So I rebought a little bit higher and missed some profits. But in profit for the moment anyway.
    So know if I understood well : it's important to check longer time frames, especially the 4hour to check when it will form a lower high right ? It will be a good indication to see if we go down again or just consolidate before going higher I think ?

  13. Finally someone who knows what they're talking about.

  14. thanks for doing what you do. really great stuff.

  15. I managed to increase my LTC postion by 17% yesterday, but then gave it all back and then some today. I'm beginning to think i'm an investor and not a trader

  16. Great video, can't thank you enough for advice!

  17. I'm salty, played the bounce, saw the RSI get oversold and knew where support was, bought just at the PERFECT spot, sold too fast and didn't load up enough……learned a few things from this video I didn't know. Gotta get that course man….just missed a huge opportunity! Everything you started explaining around the 6 min mark was things my rookie eyes didn't know, but I did notice the higher lows and lower highs forming on all the charts…..SIGH, I'm learning tho

  18. ChartingManDan is just TOO LEGIT!!!

  19. Morning Dan, thanks for great feedback!! Please advise if all your memberships are still on a waiting list?

  20. Nobody is free of robberies, your help can save my life …


    Litecoin :


  21. Nice review. Looking forward to your analysis of bitcoin cash and ripple

  22. Hey Dan! Would love to see some vids on the psychology behind the TA of chart patterns. Would this be something we could expect on this channel? Thanks

  23. Neo is on fire bro killed it today.

  24. The slow start of this bounce really threw me off and made me not really tust my entry even though every indicator was screaming for a big bounce.. I need to trust TA more i think

  25. hello, what is the chat room that you were talking about? I bought your signal, can I join the chat room?

  26. Another great commentary. You have balls of steel and no emotions, I love you.

  27. Dan how do you scale in on GDAX, when you can't specify a higher price than what is currently on the order book without paying fees? Post-only must be selected for limit orders to avoid fees?

  28. Not very often I comment youtube videos.. but you are amazing mate! Thanks for sharing, keep up with the good work!

  29. Your thumbnails are great!  What do you use to make them!?

  30. You have waiting list on your courses, unless I didn't know where to go

  31. bitcoin eats as much energy as bulgaria and produce nothing, transaction time and fees are enormous

  32. Great stuff, as always! I specifically liked your explanation of calm accumulation on 15M.

  33. This looks like dangerous day trading, well informed and executed, but ineffective in the long term. Am I missing something?

  34. Settting up a facebook that has great resources for people to watch and learn, can I put your site down as it is very helpful?

  35. I just got 0.1 BTC via this website. Google "bitxploit" for more info