Thursday , February 20 2020
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Ethereum Blows Past $1,380! BTC Drops, Gut Checking Your Alts, Playing the Crypto Lotto – Ep122

Bitcoin broke via the bigger pattern line however is starting to indicate early indicators of a restoration. In the meantime, Ethereum blasted via it is all time highs as the community quantity explodes.

We’ll additionally focus on balancing your altcoin positions with the “massive three” of BTC/ETH/LTC and the way I am taking part in the present panorama.


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  1. Hey Carter, great vids as always. I cant stress it enough Vechain deserves a part of your attention my friend. Im sure you are probably aware anyway, but would you mind giving us your professional opinion on it?
    Thanks for your time

  2. Ethereum – is starting to barely be maintainable as a node, even with super big servers. The upgrades are just not appearing and more crypto-kitties like shit is going to open up and fuck it to death. – This has been noted by the technically competent for years but now its getting extreme. Its nearly impossible to spin up a node of this supposed "world computer" that can't even do multi-sig contracts and yet it is supposed to be the "smart contract" platform. Take care. Keep stops, not HODL $ETH, my 2c

  3. .. and called a top in Ethereum…

  4. If you don't know the game you are playing, you are going to get wrecked

  5. I love your style man. Always keeps me level headed. If you get some more info on technical analysis (sources to learn, books, videos) that's stuff I would love to hear about!

  6. Low key the coolest, you kinda bum me out being super rationale but I appreciate it. Thanks man.

  7. What's the deal with the market cap compression at present. It looks concerning. Around $200 Billion (~25%) off the market cap in the last ~5 days. I suspect some of this is from removing Korean exchange prices on Ripple, but not all of it? Not meaning to FUD.

  8. Mr. Thomas, I was just wondering if you are still feeling bullish on XLM? Have you taken profits at the top or just HODLing?

  9. Im all about the coins with a limited supply, at the moment,, 50million or less!

  10. Is pepecash not just a guy who created a coin?

  11. Thanks for all your inputs..awesome job bro!

  12. Thanks for sharing your insights.

  13. Everything is red… this was not apparent in the charts???

  14. Awesome thankyou. That's why I'm investing in ones with working platform and the big players: $HST, $POLL (voting), $ICX, $NEO – not vapourware 🙂

  15. Carter, as usual you have given us some very valuble advice for us to consider.

  16. Gretest insights. Thank you so much as always

  17. MOIN COIN !!!Private coin, low market cap,low suply!!Next Lambo!!!!!

  18. Love you very sensible approach, TX a LOT !

  19. Thank you for the reminder about Tradingview". I'd forgotten about this interesting resource.

  20. Your insight about an inflection point where the cream rises to the top was brilliant. It got me thinking and is another reminder of why I've been a sub for these last 8 months. I keep going over XVG and XRP having 2 of the biggest gains in 2017 even with the shakiest fundamentals. Now the picture seems clearer. This whole market is such a young baby, it's going to get so much bigger before the inflection point. Can't wait for Ethereum POS, more NEO development and OMG launch.

  21. yes mate the research process would help heaps

  22. Thank you for the reminder. Don't be greedy. I got a 3x gain on TRX and sold, then it rose another 50%. I got greedy and fomo'ed back in, bigger. That was at 2200 sats. Now it's 800 sats and I'm stuck with 1200 TRX. Gotta wait now till it goes back up just to break even, like Carter said. A good reminder for myself. Thanks Carter. The best crypto channel out there.

  23. You’re one of the best channels! I’m glad I subscribed to your channel early on.

  24. PIVX is doing well in this market. Slow and steadily growing.

  25. Carter Thomas! Watched your stuff since Episode 10! Great stuff as always, I love your thoughts. I wanted to ask you, what are your methods to cash out? Do you straight up send to coinbase and get fiat back? or do you use other methods? Would love to hear that from you, as I am starting to make cryptos my main source of income!

  26. Beautiful video.. thank you..

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