Sunday , January 24 2021
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Daily: Cryptos Charge Forward / Ethereum’s million dollar scaling grant

The Concern of Lacking out is hitting the crypto neighborhood but once more. We have now Bitcoin main the cost at the moment, adopted by Standing, Ripple, Stellar and Cardano.
zero:57 Market Evaluation
three:26 Ethereum Basis Pronounces Tens of millions in Grants for Scaling Analysis
four:25 Putin Adviser Says ‘CryptoRuble’ Will Circumvent Sanctions, Authorities Stays Divided
5:58 South Korea Units Date for Nameless Crypto Buying and selling Ban
6:58 Beijing-based crypto trade Huobi transferring to Japan

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  1. Yessss! Go to S. Korea and have Korean bbq. Try sam-gyp-sal. It’s very tasty.

  2. zcoin and omg are gonna be the bloomers in 2018

  3. I thought Vitalik said scaling wont be an issue. Turns out like it is an issue

  4. How I which btc would hit 1900 usd again

  5. What's up with these governments always trying to tell people what to do? That's so 20th century. ?

  6. XRP Ripple to breakout @ 2.50 don’t miss the boat

  7. Michael!!!! Tron Dogs!! Check Justin Sun's latest tweet!

  8. I´m very interested how the Korean people think about Bitcoin.

  9. We might all be moving from Australia to Japan soon too Michael! I am hoping to interview all the Australian exchanges on my national tour starting tomorrow!

  10. Hi Michael, longtime supporter here. Can you please do a review of Hive Project (HVN)? They have recently released their demo and announced major partnerships to further their expansion into Russia and Central Eastern Europe. Despite all of the monumental announcements this coin seems to continue to fly below the radar. When they get on a bigger exchange they have x100 overnight potential.

    The community behind this coin is amazing! Please check out the telegram group to learn more. I promise the community manager will be the best you have ever seen!

  11. RIPPLE is centralised not STELLAR.

  12. Found an awesome Satoshi Nakamoto paper wallet

  13. Great – what software you use for making podcast? thanks

  14. "Peter Thiel is definitely very excited about crypto." – I think that's not true. First of all Thiel does not like to get excited about his investments, which is very smart imo, and secondly he thinks Bitcoin is undervalued but is not sure about altcoins:

  15. I am so so missing the boat. Every site Iv gone to to buy BCT and after 3 weeks still not approved to buy with debit because they are so busy. Any suggestions I might try?

  16. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  17. I dont usually like your vids. But this one is great. Kudos

  18. Hi Michael! Since Huobi is moving to Japan and shutting down the site, does that mean the currencies left on that exchange is lost?

  19. waiting for you to talk about verge problems. great show.

  20. Hey Michael, Please cover Waves Platform and NG upgrade

  21. Quantstamp opinion Michael?

  22. Hi does anyone have a info/website explaining the different types of BTC OR XRP? Meaning I dont fully grasp what comes after the “/“ symbol. Such as XRP/BTC….XRP/ETH…..XRP/USD…. are they somehow tied to the other crypto or currency? just having trouble locating locating any info on that. Thanks

  23. Glad to see you looking fresh Michael.

  24. Hey Micheal.. Could you please please do a nutshell video on Raiblocks (XRB)?? Its features look very promising.. It is looking like the ultimate currency that we were waiting for: 1) Infinitely scaleable, 2) Fee less transaction, 3) Instantaneous transaction 4) Lower circulating supply.. But not very much sure about the short comings.. It has come to 17th spot on coinmarketcap within a month or so.. It would be of great help if you could consider Raiblocks into your list of coins to be reviewed.. Thanks a lot..

  25. Namaste sir how you are doing.. Please tell about Binance security /safety /protection

  26. Bitcoin dominace under 35% now…

    Bitcoin dominance under 1% at the end of the year. It's just a matter of time before people realize that the Lightning Network doesn't work, and when other currencies start to pass Bitcoin, there will be mayhem.

  27. Where is boxmining located? China?

  28. i have a nano s and i stored ripple on it using myledger wallet app. i am trying to use myether wallet to store my tron on the ledger, can i run both wallets apps simultaniously? im afraid if i run both apps i might loose my ripple once i install myether wallet? is that a valid concern, what is your opinion?

  29. You know why u won't come because u know I'ma lock you're ass up when I call police but before that happens my boy is going to put a booboo in u self defense it will be a painful trip to the marion county jail haha

  30. You know with crypto news, YouTube is going to need a published time along with the published date.

  31. what do you mean for some reason? STEAM IS HUGE!

  32. Hi Boxmining, I got a Ledger Nano S because one of your videos. What I am concerned with is when I connected to MEW and was at the same time on EtherDelta…EtherDelta automatically synced my Ledger Nano S address onto the EtherDelta exchange. Should I be worried?

  33. can you make a video on how to cash out and what is the limits on these crypto exchanges ,and I heard that some ppl banks closed there accounts wneh they saw large amounts of money coming from crypto ,what is the best way to cash out and a way to make a cash out easy for me if I want to ncashout a lot of money

  34. Raiblocks brothers unite!

  35. really liked ethereum even before.
    that is why i am still trying my best to get hold of eth as much as i possibly could.
    of course my first one will be DeepOnion.
    due to reasons that i could still afford much of it right now.
    and i greatly believe that it will have a bright future someday.
    with the continuous development that developers gives in to the project,
    and the support it gets from the community it will surely be worthy to have some right now.

  36. Heyo! I’m an expat who lives in Seoul! I would love to meet you dude. Also alot of people are talking about it. FB groups are made just for building mining computers. The first block chain meetup is this weekend as well.

  37. Another good video. Ethereum will still keep pumping hard in 2018

  38. Does this mean that all Binance accounts must be activated otherwise they will get shut down?

  39. Hi Michael, I like all your content. Thanks for sharing. Can you please share your input on Tron (TRX). There is so much mixed info. Justin has so many claims but hard to conclude all claims with website links, about his mobile app, ChinaEquity investment and Jihan Wu (BITMAIN) partnership. Is this legit or not? Why there are mixed reviews and he never promotes technology on TRON but partners only. Your input will be valuable.

  40. when will my Monopoly Money value go up?

  41. – TNB is getting listed on Bitfinex soon
    – TNB Beta launch on 11 Jan 2018
    – Marketing is ramping up now (lots of expensive ads)
    – Zhao Dong, is one of the bigger investor in TNB

    Seriously do your research on this and tell me this wont go 10x soon.