Monday , September 24 2018
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Ethereum Price Rises With Casper Protocol – Price Surge Coming for ETH?

Ethereum is seeing a value surge after information of the brand new Casper protocol for staking coming in as a improve to the proof of labor mining that Ethereum at present does.

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  1. Hei Jeff, I'm bullish on RaiBlocks and Litecoins. Here is why (This is not financial advice 😝):
    1. Jan 5, RaiBlocks voting will finish on Binance. Right now it is #1 dominantly.
    2. Jan 9, RaiBlocks will launch their own exchange website. RaiBlocks/Litecoin pair. Super excited. They choosed very smartly. 
    3. End of this January, RaiBlocks will launch their Mobile app, ready for mass adoptioin
    4. Lets not forget RaiBlocks' build in features that can easily handle scalability issues with high transaction speed (7000 transaction/second, that is 4.7 times of Ripple, Ripple can handle 1500transaction/second.

    In the near future, once atomic swap of Litecoin implemented, it will open the fasted channel to switch RaiBlock->LiteCoin->BitCoin tri-pairs. 
    I'm reallly excited about these. The communication of RaiBlock reddit group is also awesome. 

    Will see.  My first amature analysis. 😅😅😝😝

  2. Dude, get more content in your channel. you don't have any clue what is going on. Sorry to say

  3. God I love this channel thanks you all for your help.

  4. i really hate your mic…

  5. What happens when all Bitcoins get mined….. how will transactions get processed when there is no incentive for miners?

  6. Jeff, what do you think about lending platforms?

  7. how do you add the %1h 24H and %7d

  8. Listening to your videos are like asking a good friend "Hey can you give me your opinion on some cryptocurrencies and what you know about them."

  9. can we get a link to your videos talking about altcoins that are going to do well

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  12. Anyone know if you can actually put bread token on the bread wallet app? It seems to only support Bitcoin from what I can see

  13. Just met founder of Siacoin at a Boston meetup. Very real tech, very legit roadmap and plans.

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  16. XRP will never be the one, its being pumped by noobs that no nothing about decentralization or probably much else.

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