Monday , April 29 2019
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Top 5 Things I Learned Building an Ethereum Mining Rig


In at the moment’s video I talk about the highest 5 issues that I discovered whereas constructing and etherium Mining rig.

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  1. Which software do you use for mining ?

  2. you dont have to install windows, set up bios or install drivers before installing the GPUs themselves

  3. Just get simple OS and the TB250 mobo. It auto detects settings and drivers and does it for you

  4. You left out finding cards that are not sold out for the manufacturer recommended price and not a 200% Mark up to screw us.

  5. very wise experience share, And talking about different manufacturers but the same model of GPU still will be an issue? because sometimes it is very hard to find multiple GPU of the same manufacturer, thanks for any advise!

  6. Ambient temperature isn't as important than removing the hot air off the units. Instead of spending money air conditioning, invest in removing the hot air off the units

  7. BIOS settings should be the first thing you touch when building a PC. First and foremost! 🙂
    It is actually also recommended that you diversify your GPUs to avoid issues, since too many GPUs from a single mfg or type have been known to cause problems at times.
    GPUs of the same type from different manufacturers do NOT have different drivers. Why in the world would AMD make a separate driver for an EVGA RX 480 than a Gigabyte RX 480? Than an ASUS RX 480? Makes no sense. It's all based on the same exact reference design. The GPU chips are exactly the same.

  8. With the quality of your video I'm surprised you don't have a higher sub count. Subbed.

  9. Please assist me with some info on mining.

    I want to get involve in mining. Currently, I have an old laptop, HP EliteBook 8440p, which has the following features:
    2.4 GHz CPU speed, 4GB RAM, Graphics Card Nvidia 3100M and Windows 7 Ultimate X64 bit.

    I downloaded Minergate software and used it on my CPU just to test out how mining works. The CPU only managed to release 31 Hashes per second(H/s).

    I would like to get a GPU for my laptop. I have been trying to figure out what external GPU can I buy, connect to my laptop and start earning a some of this $$$$$. (I plan to mine altocoins whose difficulty are not insanely high right now). I am not a gamer so, I do not know a lot about Graphics/Video Cards.

    If I only I were a gamer, I would have transited easily into mining, (no regrets for not being one though, I have interest in other stuff).

    Thank you in advance for replying.

  10. in theory can water cooling improve hash rate?

  11. very helpful thanks for that

  12. Titan X on water cooling..Oh yea!!

  13. Very nice work bro….?…Can i use Ubuntu os for mining purpose….Plz reply.

  14. Going to build my first mining rig in about 2 weeks. Have you any experience wit EthOS or any other linux based for mining modified OS? EthOS sounds promising from what i read so far but how is it with overclocking / flashing gpu bios? Windows is good but linux is made to run without rebooting for long times. I've read some posts that windows rigs have to be rebooted at least once a week

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