Wednesday , December 12 2018
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Real Solar Powered Bitcoin Ethereum Mining Rig Off Grid Home Cryptocurrency

Real Solar Powered Bitcoin Ethereum Mining Rig Off Grid Home Hawaii.
I needed to share my small photo voltaic powered bitcoin ethereum mining rig i constructed. I’ve a number of further energy from the photo voltaic system i take advantage of to run my off grid house so i put it to work mining cryptocurrency.

For those who pay price for power it’ll take longer so that you can brake even.

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  1. Don't Promote for NiceHash AGAIN , they lost 4000 Bitcoins and still did not pay it back to people

  2. it is very clear that this video has been done to promote for nicehash miner , you did not show more details about solar power connection how its done , 75 % of the video length you are talking about nicehash pathetic miner !!!

  3. How many watts are your panels? Inverter info? and How many batteries to carry the energy the whole night? Thanks

  4. this video should be deleted because its promoting for a company that stole 4000 btc from people

  5. I'm planning to do it in the future. Can you tell what kind of battery you used? And how you did it…

  6. Now you're into crypto too? Shit, you like everything I like.

  7. you didn't add in the cost of the solar.

  8. what processor ? what gpu? psu wattage? how much system ram? how much power those solar panels can get & how big are your battries ? specs info stuff you can easily provide lol

  9. please share spec of solar


  10. ITS so good looking out there… I fucking live in a desert and it looks shit…

  11. I am a little curious if mining will still be a thing in 2018 with the new purposed tax laws in the US against crypto currency. From what I understand every transaction of coin is taxable now, not just when you cash out. I will say I am surprised your set up works as well as it does considering you just have 4 solar panels lying flat on the ground and not even at an angle or on your roof.

  12. More vids this is brillaint..

  13. you should buy an air purifier for that room so the cards dont get too dusty fellow miner here

  14. That is so awesome. Its a dream to me to have a fully green energy farm. Once the energy is free and the hardware is paid off then you are literally printing money with zero cost.

    Essentially by doing it with green energy you are just pushing out your 100% ROI day. But the thing is, in crypto generally over that time the coin is rising so much that it ends up being really hard to calculate.

  15. You should look into Mining Pool Hub Lowest fees 0.9%. I'm runinng a 2 GPU system and i'm earning about $6.25 a day. You should be making a lot more with 4 GPUs. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  16. gj bro, people who make vids like these enable others to do better

  17. I love this video thanks for sharing and easy to do you proved

  18. Hi I am looking for some info cause back in the country where i live , i have a farm and I wanna install solars panels and all the material , i want invest on mining , but how much do you think i Can make With a medium size mining farm ? please help

  19. would you share your rig spec sir and how many rig can it perform with solar?

  20. Woww I love it ! pls make more videos

  21. Clean the rigg up.. and what is the grapfic cards?

  22. what kind of batteries are you using? lithium or lead acid-based?

  23. Extraordinary Video…Thanks for sharing this.

  24. How do u get internet service in your area seems Like u live in the middle of nowhere

  25. This is what I want to do ! can you teach how/where to get the solars?

  26. Hey i want to start a solar mining rig, what do you guys think of a 15w cpu with a GT 1030 on a 60w 12v solar cell? Those low tdp mobos only have a 20 pin so could i get away on mining only on day light without a battery?

  27. Please make more videos about cryptocurrency, thanks.

  28. You need to underclock your gpu's not overclock, you're not gaming.

  29. Keep it simple everyone decentralize the bank's Etherium Bitcoin Litecoin

  30. look at the estimated earnigs per day @6:00

  31. This is so damn awesome, I love alternative energies, and I love easy money, and I love financial freedom crypto brings !

  32. that #1 gpu back is mighty close to that aluminum id be afraid of shorting

  33. good vidieo free power and earning money,

  34. Im currently traveling the country. I built a camper van and attached enough batteries and solar to power a small home lol. I didn't think this was actually possible im currently building my rig. I understand this is expensive as hell and I wont make money to pay it off but going to do it anyways even if I never see my ROI.

  35. how many watts is your mining rigs?

  36. I want to ask if i have 900 watts mining rig how many solar panel and battery i need to run my mining rig?

  37. This how I want to mine Crypto Coin!!!

  38. Can you do another update on this Video??? Please!!!!

  39. Power here in NEPA is around $.06/ KWH. I'm planning to build a small ASIC operation with Bitmain Z9 units. GPU mining is very inefficient here. 3 KW of solar panels with adequate battery backup would be good for 5 Z9 ASICS. Each unit runs at 10,000 sols/s at 300W. Since I live on a windswept hillside, I might add a vertical axis wind turbine, or two to take advantage of the wind here.

  40. Great work man..the real ideal way of mining cryptos..otherwise mining it and paying a lot on electricity..its kind a non sense. I also mine with solar but still question, with the solar panels you have do you still mine at night? thanks for this

  41. All crypto should be off grid!! 😋😋😋😋😋😋