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Ethereum (ETH) Price Prediction for 2018 – The Blockchain 2.0

On this video I’m taking a look at potential situations of how the Ethereum value will progress in 2018.

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  1. Hey guys. I recorded this video yesterday and since then Bitcoin Cash was listed on Coinbase but I think that it doesn't affect Ethereum in any way really. BCH is a direct competition to BTC and LTC – ETH is unique to the point where it shouldn't be affect by the BTC/BCH war.

  2. Thanks for the video. Much better than those Bitcoin scam ads YouTube is running.

  3. great info really apprecaite your video, would love some info for 2018 PHR if possible new listing coming up too thanks alot

  4. I'm curious about the value of RDN tokens. I understand the value of the technology, but it does not seem as though there is much incentive for people to hold the tokens. Also, since RDN (I believe) is designed to help ETH scaling issues with off chain transactions, wouldn't the implementation of plasma or some other scaling solution for ETH then reduce its value? Your thoughts and analysis are greatly appreciated

  5. Great analysis, u got a new fan! My prediction for 2018 end is 12k ??

  6. thanks buddy for the video, even the bearish view would be happy days 🙂

  7. Please also leave the slides in text format so that we can translate into another language, because the translation from Google is very bad. Thanks
    Por favor, deixa também em formato de texto os slides, para podermos traduzir em outro idioma, porque a tradução do Google é muito ruim. Obrigada

  8. Think I'd like to hear about:

    1. LTC
    2. ADA
    3. XRP


  9. Bitcoin fees are crazy, $30 minimum!

  10. Wait do you think the rest of the market might be unaffected when bitcoin corrects? That’s a huge worry for me, lots of uncertainty with what will happen to alts and ethereum when btc corrects

  11. If ETH hits $10k, that would put ETH market cap at almost $1T. Do you think that is reasonable for the end of 2018 considering the fact that the entire crypto market is not worth $1T yet? Great video by the way!

  12. great prediction pal please could you research electronium and do a presentation. great stuff!!!!

  13. Thanks for your videos! I subscribe to a few crypto channels, but yours is the most insightful.
    Three ideas I would love to see:
    1. Explain technically what the best privacy coin is. Monero seems to wear the crown, but there must be something better (it came out in 2014, after all)?
    2. What is the best coin for replacing cash? That is, the fastest and with the least transaction fees? Any dark horses here?
    3. Explain — just in for pure technology — what the most modern smart contract crypto is. People call ADA "Crypto 3.0", but what is the real trailblazer?

  14. Nice video as always bro! Would be awesome to see a video where you will try to predict which dApps will be the first fully working and using e.g. Eth or NEO. Keep rocking man!

  15. Buy Litecoin now ! there will be millions going into Litecoin over the holiday break as first time investors will buy 1 to 5 Litecoin wanting to get their feet wet in cryptos and its the cheapest on coinbase – once it recovers from Charlie Lees sell off and people are off work looking to invest in their time off – WATCH OUT ! get it now while its cheap ! 500 by new year minimum.

  16. Hi guys!! I have an important falcet to win a good profit in ETH..

  17. Ethereum is way undervalued. It should be worth in the thousands because of its great security, far speed and cheap fees. Excellent video

  18. Power Ledger POWR is very interesting would you mind giving your thoughts on that?

  19. Useful info as usual??these price prediction videos are great. How about Populous and Skycoin?

  20. @cryptocoins Do you have a specific wallet you suggest holding eth in?

  21. Regulation- I cant understand why so many people see regulation as a 'con'. regulation is much needed and will open the market up to a much broader group of investors. Thanks for the video.

  22. What do you think aion for furture. I think it has potential.

  23. Hi I always follow you..Thank you for your Work..would you cover or mention…about: LSK XPM AU HBC PFR and NEX