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Home / Video / Fire Lotto is international blockchain lottery based on Ethereum.

Fire Lotto is international blockchain lottery based on Ethereum.

FireLotto is new Ethereum based lottery. All transactions by way of sensible contract. Fire Lotto ICO is coming on

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  1. I really like the Fire Lotto project. Read the whitepaper and put 0.2 ETH in. As long as this thing gets an initial client/support base this coin will explode in value. Better odds than gambling anyways much love

  2. As the community's request has been removed from the way of buying tickets through a private KEY. Now, to purchase a ticket, you need to make a payment directly to the contract. In 2 days will be added the second payment method METAMASK.

  3. Interesting project, I really liked

  4. Crypto-currencies are gaining momentum and all that is associated with them is highly profitable. This lottery is a good chance to earn. Thanks to the author for the information.

  5. information is an instructive excellent project!

  6. Video shot is very accessible. A lot of useful information.

  7. This lottery is the best .which I have ever enjoyed, while fully confirming its safety and reliability

  8. Fire Lotto removed solution to buy lottery tickets through a private KEY. Now, to purchase a ticket, you need to make a payment directly to the contract. In 2 days will be added the second payment method METAMASK

  9. Amazing Blockchain futures jackpots love it i am in all away Baby Fire Lotto is it folks!!

  10. I see tremendous potential in your coin and will invest personally as soon as metamask integration is done, Perhaps atleast during presale usd/eur deposit should be added, since most people are still new to crypto.
    Thanks and I'll keep my eye on ya'all

  11. an interesting lottery with the opportunity to win a fairly large amount of money, I like this project

  12. Thank team to make this project. I think this project will successful. I will invest strongly to this project.

  13. Attractive project.According to the description as if reliable.You can take a chance to try.

  14. it is very interesting to play in the lottery

  15. Inspires confidence. A qualitative presentation of a serious project. I think it's worth taking part in it.

  16. FireLotto ICO is still 30% off @ 0,38$/FLOT.
    Small change for lambo fuel. try this link … worked smoothly for me.

  17. The main thing is that it works. The system is workable unambiguously.

  18. The system is workable unambiguously thank you for information

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  21. I think this is a very promising salary, which can become the main one! Crypto currency in the loser will never be, despite its ups and downs!

  22. Very useful information, I also want to participate in the lottery. Author Respect!!

  23. In my opinion it is very interesting to all/ Lottery is easy fast money for people

  24. I think that project isn`t bad. You are may be get easy money (I already get it). I started work after viewing this video.

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  33. I like what this guy says, I can wish success in this project

  34. Wow!!! great video!!! Respect!

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    Pessoal, segue nova ICO que promete dar uma valorizada boa:

    Eu traduzi o white paper (e eles até colocaram no site e estou traduzindo o site deles também) e anexei no grupo.

    Estão com uma boa nota no ICOBENCH:

  37. With interest I watched the video, quite an intriguing news, I think for this the future.

  38. Hi guys, My name is Daniel Simon. I love your project and the concept. Only I have one question which is crucial. If I have let us say 1000 of your token and another user got only 1, I have to play 1000 x more lotto game in order to receive my 10% commission which will be more I guess since I have more token. Am I right? My question is, every member needs to play the same amount of lotto or not? I refer to your whitepaper.

    In order to receive commissions, each token holder has to play the lottery. In other
    words, each token holder will have to buy a certain number of lottery tickets every
    month in order to be able to receive commissions from sales. The number of tickets
    and the frequency of purchases are being calculated at the moment and will be
    announced later. Given that one lottery ticket costs only 2 U.S. dollars, token holders
    will not have to spend a lot of money on buying lottery tickets, and at the same time
    this measure will help us solve legal issues and stimulate the lottery

    So this is a crucial question. How much you need to play in order to receive your commission. I need to get answer to this crucial question before I will invest into your project heavily. If I need to play so much lotto just to receive my 10% commission that would look if this would be like a ponzi scheme where the members pay each other and the system. So please clarify this question. There is no answer for this question in your whitepaper hence I ask you here. Thanks.

  39. Slightly confused. ON their website the Lotto is all ready developed and running. Since this is the case…why would they need to raise 22 000 000+ USD for the project?

  40. An interesting and relevant project! I found you on the I'll follow the development!

  41. Great Project. I am investing.

  42. Scammers attack Fire Lotto ICO. Do not let scammers mislead you!