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Ethereum Price Prediction 2018/2019

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  1. dude….you are blowing my mind

  2. What do you think about iota?

  3. Ethereum will be outdated within a few years. It is the Apple IIe of cryptos.
    Clunky, expensive, and a pioneer in it's field.
    Next generation smart contacts will replace: I refer to CARDANO.
    Built by the same brains as ethereum, they are addressing the speed, scalability, and fee issues facing ethereum.
    Eventually, something will replace Cardano (a future generation, one we cannot yet even conceive).
    Ethereum's days are numbered.
    Nobody uses Apple IIe anymore.
    Mark my words.

  4. Pls post your view on Siacoin!

  5. Ethereum is now $943.24 … I foresee $2,000 in 2018

  6. I just bought ETH at 1000$ and im definately holding till year end.

  7. now a good time to buy at $1100? or wait for dip??

  8. Almost 1 month after your video your prediction became real 😀

  9. your price prediction was spot on. look at etherium today

  10. Ethereum is a great investment. It isn't mainstrea yet, but will be. Buy it now, while it is profitable. You will be happy.

  11. Christmas, and holidays are a good short opportunity. The price is higher, and people sell for various means, such as paying for gifts, travel, etc. They freak out about the "dropping" price. They sell. Afterwards, those who are smart enough to see through it, will be able to buy for a fraction of the price, while it recovers, due to the speculation.

  12. If you're going to scale the PRICE of ethereum based on future gains..

    Scale the current TOTAL market cap of crypto as well.

    1.5 Trillion is achievable..

    Last year we were at 22 Bn for ALL cryptos.

    This year we're at 800 Bn.

    If you do the raw math thats ~30 Trillion if the growth is projected. Now surely the crypto market can't grow that exponentially and keep at that pace..
    However to say Eth can't hit 1.5Tn.. because this year the market cap is 800Bn for all of crypto…

    Is like saying BTC can't hit 5k.. because at the start of 2017.. the market cap for all crypto was 22Bn.. and 5k BTC would mean 110Bn market cap.

    You'd have been wrong.

  13. nice ….u r the best ….

  14. 15/02/2018 at $900 for Ethereum but it will be at $500 before it booms.

  15. If on Eth I called $250 followed by a rise back to $1250 you would shoot the messenger. So hold on regardless of how tempting the window ledge looks!

  16. Pues el etéum esta callendo en picao

  17. 2018-03-18 473$ right now !!!! Not good at all

  18. i would suggest an update video because of the market cap changes


  20. That was a very nice Xmas weekly ethereum price prediction you did back there!
    A slightly reserved prediction, also a little early but from what i gathered the advice you gave on that occasion was very informative and prosperous.
    I have noticed several of your price predictions to be correct of which I am truly grateful.

    You are a gent and a scholar good kind sir!

    Thanks again!


  21. And now? Which are the prediction of Ethereum?

  22. As we have already experienced Ethereum surge in January 2018 to $1337, the investors stay optimistic that it will reach to $1221 by year-end despite the fall in August 2018. As Ethereum based blockchain technology and smart contracts are being widely accepted on an overall basis, the utilization is surely to improve more. The utilization ratio and its price hike are directly proportional.