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Ripple XRP Hedge Fund, Ethereum Wallet Support, Circle Crypto Investments – 156

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  1. ripple got some catching up to do, its about time

  2. you wanna talk a little about Cardano?

  3. Let me put some perspective on the current reality that is happening. Go ahead flame me, whatever. A hedge fund is announced which as per the coindesk article states it will actually be USING XRP. Price action rises by 3 cents. In some exchanges it even rose to 30 cents. Fast forward a few hours later and price drops to as low as 25c with a current stable 26 cents. This is getting ridiculous with the amount of news that is announced regarding XRP and yet the price does nothing. Stellar lumens just sits idly by and rises to 9 cents. Cardano rises and is touted the next ethereum. What in the world is going to increase the price of this coin. In the months since the low of 15 cents, its has pumped to 30 cents THREE times and then tumbled. Other coins like dash, and even bitcoin have doubled their price. We are in the bullrun of the year of all crypto and xrp is following so disproportionately to all other coins. And yet, we still have predictions that this will hit 1$ by the end of the year and $2.00 next year???

  4. lol BTC cruising over 11000….. wtf

  5. Ripple too the moooooooon?????

  6. cardano at 141% growth WTFFFFFFFFFF

  7. Love your quick and on point update videos, keep it up!

  8. Another great video thank you so much. Your videos are required viewing everyday.

  9. How can you not talk about cardano???

  10. great find and 2018 is surely to boom – wondering wether i need to worry about that thing called work anymore!

  11. "XRP is useless, they only use the tech"

  12. Thank you so much! Awesome video. I personally love XRP and can't wait to watch it skyrocket, especially when Ripple have taken away 55 billion XRP into escrow! The market cap will greatly be reduced and XRP will soar! It's simple math. Also I do think the addition of XRP to the Coinbase exchange is coming soon, possibly in mid-2018, and when it does, again the price per XRP will soar. Buy it now people while it's still under a dollar! Question to you The Modern Investor, how do we help get Ripple/XRP onto Coinbase? Can we write to them directly? Should we Tweet/Email/Facebook them?

  13. Banks win yet again…yay?

  14. Every time I hear this great news about XRP I get happy because I have a lot of it…But then it doesn't do shit and all other coins skyrocket. I hate it, its awesome! Why do I do this to myself?

  15. I own some XRP now . As soon as it hits coinbase, I'm buying a lot.

  16. Hi, I just bought my first tokens, joined the Gizer token sale, friend suggested to invest quikly, while stock lasts.

  17. XRP's day is coming. When does escrow take effect?

  18. I remember you talked about Ripple burning or holding back a good chunk of XRP (since the circulating supply is huge). Is that really happening soon? if so, how much will they be burning?

  19. Looking forward to Bitcoin hitting $25,000 Pretty soon..

  20. To all the Ripple/xrp haters here. Banks are not going to go away and become extinct like the dinosaurs anytime soon. If you hate xrp because of its association with banks, then sell your xrp stop whining and buy some other coin which you feel supports your own views regarding the ethos of cryptocurrency world. To those who complain about the lack of price movement upwards consider this. Banks are cautious and conservative entities and are not prone to making Big announcements which pumps up the price. Banks want a stable currency which does not go up and down 'like a fiddlers elbow'. XRP is a long term hold and I recommend you don't invest if your looking for a quick buck.

  21. I like hearing good news about XRP because I have a bunch…but then it does absolutely nothing while all other coins go moon with record gains! I hate it, it's awesome! Why do I do this to myself? Im gonna go get more XRP

  22. You would be crazy to not pay attention to ripple

  23. what about ripple being listed on crypto facilities. Where CME getting data from. Also CME invested in ripple, another push to get institutions to settle in ripple?

  24. Hi i want to buy some ripple but idk what wallet to use? someone help please

  25. Ripple is a good hedging strategy for your crypto portfolio… never 100% bet against existing power structures. This is an exciting time for the Financial Services industry – many old school organizations and middlemen will go away regardless of which technologies win the war