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How to Buy Ethereum on Coinbase and Move it to Your Ledger Nano S

The Crypto Dad reveals you the way to purchase Ethereum on Coinbase and transfer it to your Ledger Nano S

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  1. Do you move litecoin from coinable to your ledger nano the same way you do bitcoin and ethereum?

  2. Hello! Thanks for the vid. How long the transaction takes? Ive made one but its taking so long…Its pending for 1 hour already

  3. Thanks for a great video and great "dad comment!" – "I have a long pin of course, because I'm the crypto dad."

  4. Thank you Rex. You have been kind help. Please keep up the good job!!! I learn and enjoy watching your videos.

    Thank you!!! 🙂 OOOOOOO

  5. Thanks Crypto Dad.. I used your vids to get my BTC, ETH, and LTC off coinbase… my BTC and ETH still show as pending… but traffic off Coinbase I'm sure is crazy right now with peoples accounts getting so high the thought of an exchange holding all that money gets scary.

  6. Just to reiterate. ETH from coinbase = select ETH on the ethereum wallet app and not ETC.

  7. what is the difference between hex and iban address??

  8. How did you get that scan on your computer from your phone?

  9. Very straight forward video!
    May the crypto currency raise!

  10. Do you send ERC-20 tokens to the "ethereum app" adress on your ledger nano s..? if your sending all ur erc 20 tokens to the same eth adress how do you differentiate them in your nano s? Thanks.

  11. I've just attempted to withdraw my ETH from my GDAX account to my Nano S. I double checked the Nano ETH address before approving the withdrawal on GDAX and yet the ETH I sent from GDAX isn't showing in my Nano ETH wallet. Thankfully, I only sent 0.05 – though I wish I'd sent an even smaller amount than that now in hindsight

  12. I sent 0.001 eth from gdax to ledger nano s to test it and it took around 15min to arrive. Right after that I sent 0.999 and it came in a few seconds. Thanks for the video!

  13. I have Coinbase and on it I have bitcoin and bitcoin cash….i am wanting to move both (small) balances to litecoin ….any idea how to do this? The instructions on the coinbase site isn't clear Thanks

  14. Thanks, Rex, How about a tutorial on How to transfer FROM a Ledger Nano S to and exchange, IE; Binance, Coinbase,Gdax Etc. Thanks.

  15. Rex, thanks for responding. Just a quick question.: I bought x amount of Ethereum on 01/06/18, I did receive it till the 01/13/18. Today is 01/15/18 and still hasn't transfered it to the Ledger Nano S. What I paid has fluctuated a lot in a downward spiral. What amount should should I transfer to the Nano S from Coinbase? The original amount or the present moment amount?

    I was also given a free $10.00 Bitcoin which is now $7.57. Thanks.

  16. Hey Rex – good job with these just-in-time videos! I have been manically trying to get my BTC and LTC off of Coinbase on onto my new Ledger Nano S from France. Ran into problems with 2FA for several hours trying to get past that issue. Your video on Authenticator gave me the visual of what to expect within that app. Then on to BTC, fairly easy by following your step by step instructions. Finally to LTC, where I was moving slightly faster than you on your video. Ran into the same invalid LTC address issue that Samuel and you both had. I was about to try to figure out how to use the email address method, when you came back on with the Legacy solution. Now I have 0 coins on CB and all of them on my Nano!

    Now if you have any videos on how to sync Outlook Calendar 2016 to Windows 10 Calendar, you'll save me from my next ordeal.

    Thanks again — you were a great help!

  17. Nice video. Perhaps you could also demonstrate saving on withdrawal fees. Move your coins from Coinbase to GDAX and then withdraw to your Ledger Nano S.

    Moving coins from Coinbase to GDAX is free and in turn to your Nano Ledger is free as well. (Of course, you always pay the network fee)

  18. Thanks for the walkthrough, huge confidence booster , it made a big difference seeing someone go through the steps in real time and actually use real crypto instead of an “example of what would happen” which I saw a lot of on other user’s crypto videos.

  19. Thanks for a great video. I was wondering if there is a way to transfer Ether from Coinbase to GDAX and then transfer to the Nano S. I ask this because there seems to be a fee when transferring directly from Coinbase to the Nano S. However, I've seen videos for bitcoin where GDAX does not charge a fee to transfer bitcoin to the Nano S. Does that capability exist for Ether as well? Thanks for keeping it simple for us!

  20. very good explanation, thank you !

  21. hi crypto dad , i have question about the ledger nano s .they work on MacBook safari ?