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Watch For Ethereum To Break Out To $700 – Technical Analysis On Ethereum

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On this video, I do some technical evaluation on Ethereum and present the way it might doubtlessly escape to $700…

I imagine Ethereum is a good crypto forex and I stay up for seeing how this chart performs out…

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  1. I bought 739 ethereum at the price of 2dollar and sold it at 7dollar fuckmylife

  2. Thanks James. I am holding small amount of Ethereum.. can't wait to see where it heads.

  3. I have never seen one of your videos, but it was trending on my YouTube startpage. You called the breakout.
    One more thing as an FYI: this is a convergence of TA and fundamentals. There are 3 tech scaling initiatives rolling out or gearing up to be rolled out in mid term, and those are micro-raiden channels, Casper Proof of Stake upgrade, and Vitalik's "Modest Proposal" for Ethereum sharding that is already in a POC state. Once the Ethereum blockchain has the scaling, we will begin seeing a lot of sleeper projects (dApps, ERC-20 tokens) going on mass adoption runs.

  4. Can you tell me which platform is best to trade on, got my ether in my wallet …Do wallets give the same price as platforms?…Or is it better to send it to a platform in order to get more profit from this Ether bull run even if I just let it sit on the platform without trading it???

  5. 700 $ only it will be over 1k in 2018. In 2020 it will be 6k?

  6. Sumokoin privacy coin is the next thing to keep an eye on. Subadresses coming next week. More exchanges to be announced soon. Low market cap

  7. Price has already reached over 420 and broke ATH. The predicted bull run is looking good!

  8. Im an ETH hodler! It's 11-23 YOU WERE SOOO RIGHT. ETH broke thru–to $400+. Getting more but when it comes back a bit.

  9. totally agree, could see a drop around 500ish then sky til around 700, been thinking this for a week or so now

  10. The best strategy is to make your crypto currency investment zero by selling it at a price when you take out your initial investment amount. For example if you buy at 100 dollars, when the price touches 200, take out your hundred dollars by selling half the quantity. Now your investment is Risk Free. Cheers.

  11. Great video! I'm definitely a fan of ETH. Chart is looking goood! Tapping 440's currently.

  12. If these guys see enough people folowing and copying trades they can hedge in front of them.!

  13. 2018 will be the Ethereum's year! Let's hodl for gains!

  14. where are you using that chart from?

  15. Hey man what software is that your using to draw those lines and graphs?

  16. Great followed your idea and got 10 ETH. – and made almost $1000.00 – I surely subscribed to your channel —

  17. Check out SNC.

    They are just starting to heat up, will start mass marketing soon.
    They are revolutionizing the power trading industry like POWR in Australia!
    Only, SNC is from Europe! They are new and their market cap is low compared to POWR.

    POWR market cap,

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    SNC's total coin supply is MUCH lower than POWR, so this coin can really move FAST!!! Buy SNC here,

  18. FYI – Market cap is 240 BILLION…not million.

  19. Whales in the stock market are easy to identify. What amount of money constitutes a whale in Crypto?

  20. Ether over 480 today, you called it, good job

  21. I got most of my cryptos at binance there a also very promising newcomers check that out

  22. Trading is not a good strategy IMHO. Everyone I know that’s made the most money on cryptocurrency has bought and held. (Including myself). If something is going to continuously increase why in the world would you try and short it? It’s very risky and frankly doesn’t make sense.

  23. Keep making videos there sooooo good and you were bang on. I put money Into Ethereum at 475 which was a mistake as it then dropped but it think it's going to shoot back to 500-600 as it has dropped hard!

  24. Bitcoin is at $9500 dude I'm going wild.
    I have 20Eth 1.5 BItcoin

  25. litecoin is where it is at. far far higher return %%%!

  26. Can you please do a video on SmartCash

  27. Awesome video, I see big things for ETH.

  28. Hello, the chart on the bottom, believe it’s the Stochastic RSI… is it indicating that it’s over bought? Something be concerned about? (Not in hindsight as ETH is at $475 now). When you’re looking for trends, is that something to be worried about?

  29. 10000? Back to the drawing board on that one dude…

  30. What software are you using to perform your analysis?

  31. Well they better hurry. Right now ethereum is spinning in circles like a weirdo in the corner.

  32. Pennant flag formation, pretty plain to see. I like it $620 to $760.

  33. Thank you. Your teaching is incredibly helpful. Especially about the peaks

  34. Whao!

    Ur prediction came true…
    I saw this video before Etheruen passed the 700 dollar mark and I smiled when I remembered you.

    I wannah join that group where you said a 20years Old nigga drops his personal charts on crypto investments.

  35. agree. price breakout $700.. can eth reach $1000 ?

  36. Hey James, you worked with my dad at a tire company in my town. I’m interested in bitcoin but I’m not sure how to start i am a minor. I’m 17 and I’m trying to get started and I know a little about it. I found your channel from an ad about a month ago and I wasn’t sure if I should comment or not. I’m not sure how to contact you. You probably don’t remember me.