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Tesla & Ethereum SIPPIN & SCHEMIN

Our podcast is again! Might Tesla & Ethereum be a match made in heaven? Decentralized vitality markets and autonomous vehicles may very well be the proper use instances for Ethereum’s smart-contract blockchain & Tesla may very well be the proper associate. On this episode I interview software program engineer and Ethereum fanatic (& Devcon3 attendee) Alex Tsankov over a beer about how a succesful evolution of the Ethereum blockchain may very well be revolutionary for the vitality/autonomous automobile markets and the way that ties into the long run Tesla is constructing. Take pleasure in! Additionally on Souncloud & iTunes!

LINK – Grid+ the Ethereum based mostly vitality platform:
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Disclaimer: This video is only my opinion and shouldn’t be thought to be factual data. I’m not a monetary advisor. This isn’t a suggestion to purchase or promote securities. Don’t assume any info and numbers on this video are correct. At all times do your personal due diligence. As of 11/14/2017 HyperChange host (Galileo Russell) and HyperChange visitor Alex Tsankov are invested in shares of Tesla (TSLA) and lengthy Ether.

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  1. I have that same shirt, wow so handsome

  2. Thank you guys for tuning in, and huge thanks/shoutout to Alex for coming on. Here's a breakdown of the questions to help you navigate the episode!
    0:00 intro
    1:30 question 1: What gets you excited about Ethereum? What is the bull case?
    3:40 question 2: What's a use case for Tesla + Ethereum? Decentralized energy markets? Why can't Tesla use its own network that's not Ethereum?
    8:03 question 3: Why is Ethereum's smart contract technology well suited to be the backbone of a decentralized energy market?
    9:45 question 4: Elon is very close to Ethereum in a number of ways, how does this play out in your head, why hasn't Elon come out and supported Ethereum, what's Tesla's first move in Ethereum going to look like?
    13:25 question 5: Talk about TPS (transactions per second) why is this an important metric for Ethereum?
    16:29 question 6: Let's assume Ethereum can scale its TPS, how does this scaled Ethereum play into the future of autonomous cars? What does Ethereum as the backbone of self-driving car tech look like?
    21:28 question 7: Will Ethereum be the blockchain to rule them all?
    23:15 Alex breaks down the mission of Grid+ an Ethereum based energy trading platform
    25:25 question 8: As an investor/shareholder why should I get excited about what Ethereum can bring to Tesla's mission & vision?
    29:15 question 9: What is your prediction for the timeline/application for Tesla to use Ethereum in the real world?

  3. awesome vid! would love to hear more about proof of stake and ethereum casper sometime

  4. I feel like I just got hyperchanged !
    Such a nice talk,absolut thrilling content !
    Imma Check it out right away.

  5. I like it. Cant wait to ethereum scales in tps. They really need to get more people on it like consumers. Once they get more consumers, as in normal people to use it, then businesses will connect to it vs trying to get some big corporation. Dont wait for tesla to jump in. It needs to establish itself credible to the masses first. So far its a nerd thing until the masses get in on it.

  6. I haven't watched the whole thing yet but I think IOTA would of been a better choice for tesla.

  7. 27:00 1% fee seems a bit excessive, more like $0.006(or even less) today and likely a few magnitudes less in the future.

  8. Alex from interview here! Really well done, @HyperChange, can't wait to see more ETH related content.

  9. I got Tesla!
    I got Ethereum!
    I got Bitcoin!
    And I`m Single!!

  10. Man I am so glad you are covering crypto now.. dude the WEB 3.0 will be tokenized

  11. How do I buy the Ethereum stock? I searched on etrade but no results. Thanks jb

  12. Brilliant show gents. I watched the last 3/4 of the show with my jaw on the floor.

  13. I have just become an investor in Ethereum. Initially, I hope to gain my stake back, then I'll see where it goes from there… I'm pretty damn excited to see where this will go, as I've never traded before and I'm a big musk fan. Cheers guys, for drawing my attention to what I hope is a good investment. Phil, Uk.

  14. Thanks for your inside!
    Ethereum up 43% in a week.
    AMAZING. JackB