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Pecunio – Blockchain investments save and easy

Pecunio is a crypto fund that has a diverse portfolio of crypto coins and tokens. It is also restricted to blockchain assets. Pecunio is a decentralized hypothesis degree with a cryptographic cash card in a industry, allowing easy saving and spending of crypto assets. Be it your large or minor coins/funds, with Pecunio you got a full solution for your crypto currency.

Dynamic consumer bolster, in conjunction with a easy to-utilize interface, provides to our phases esteem. Merchandise CENTRIC. Every other supporting mainstay of Pecunio ́s novel place out there. Rather than that, we move with known blockchain new companies with our advice and flair.

We want to open the vigorous virtual cash marketplace to everyone – democratizing blockchain ventures and enabling everyone to participate within the new economic system of the 21 century.

The cryptocurrency card

Pecunio’s cryptographic cash card is a multi-resource pay as you go plastic, empowering token spending in all fiat financial bureaucracy in all places with out industry fees. Some portion of our consumer pushed way can be a loose industry for virtual currencies, making Pecunio a one-stop-search for easy ventures.

Consumer CENTRIC VS. We’re the one-stop seek for the traditional non-technically a professional consumer, and likewise for top overview monetary consultants and holy messenger and traders. A stunning collecting of skills and paintings environments. Our consumer have consumer lifetime-esteem since as we don’t seem to be an merchandise pushed broker or industry, however somewhat a mother or father with dynamic management and dynamic consumer bolster.



Skills and experience

It is a brief overview of all our process descritions and knowledgeable encounters as a bunch joined. The buyer could have the capability to supervise assets during the degree, accusing the cardboard of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Sprint, Ripple and a large number of other virtual currencies extra to come back.

The investment platform and exchange

Our degree rearranges the doorway to the every so often entangled remedy of good contracts for non-technically a professional shoppers.



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