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Ethereum, should you mine or buy? The TRUTH.

Right here is the mathematics you have been in search of.

Folks maintain asking, should you construct a mining rigs to mine for ETH or should you simply purchase Ethereum and maintain on to it. Nicely I maintain making an attempt to reply that query, and I really feel that they simply do not get it that nicely. Right here is my reply, intimately, with web sites and spreadsheets. I hope that this may reply the query for you as soon as and for all….

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  1. "Imagine we hit 850 by 12 months", whoops one month later almost at a 1000 ! That's why I love cryptos ahahah

  2. AND ethereum is up more than 300% since this video, lmao

  3. Jason I love your videos, thank you mate!!! How did you calculate the amount of ETH mined per month? Do you use and algorithm for calculated difficulties and blocktimes?

  4. do you sell gpus ? or just complete mining rigs ?

  5. the old adage that time is money is not in your equations ..thus i see it flawed…i am an electrician in the mist of a massive install …if your free time has no monetary value to you then as a small time operator your math may run true

  6. at the same time…. your one smart dude…i'm sure you get my point….Rock on

  7. Used rig = $17 per MH. 15% depreciation.

  8. I want to get into mining but the first I see is this analysis is the depreciation of the equipment. Price of Video cards have been up since the last year a 1060 new is not only 30 or 40% more but difficult to find.

  9. Thank you for honest, awesome video. Could you please recommend an Ethereum mining software

  10. i am in Arizona too,sadly my apartment can't hold my 2 mining rigs, what should i do, sell 1 mining rig?

  11. all your calculation simulator would of show you in Graph chart or pie charts using office bussines… computer would calculate for you…Nice presentation ..thank you! Jason.

  12. Wait, so your saying 72x 1050ti's will be worth $11k after nearly 2 years????

    in 2 years the 1050ti will no longer be anywhere near profitable for mining, and will no longer have any resale value to gamers, so there will be FLOODS of these hitting eBay at the same time with nobody buying them.

  13. Incredibly in depth, insightful and detailed video! Liked & Subbed!

  14. What would you do with a small mining pc. Would you mine with nicehash or mine one coin directly?

  15. Hey guys, im 11 years old and I wana invest in alt cons but i onli have 700 dollars that i got from my grandma, i want to atleast have a thousand bucks so Ethereum donation is welcome, Thanks 🙂 :

  16. jason dragon speaks the truth

  17. In the fourth case you assume if the price of Ethereum drops then difficulty will also drop. Meaning current miners will stop mining. I do not think so, most will continue mining till the ETH revenue is more than electricity cost as investment is a sunk cost at that time.

  18. so ETH hit 100 in 2 months from this. so just buy and hold then???

  19. Listened to latest Unchained podcast (show 20180123) which talked about how taxes work on Crypto. Just watched your video for the first time. It made me realize you might consider the tax consequences (USA) in your sims. Mining income is taxed at ordinary income and investment gains is taxed at capital gains rate – therefore it adds another big cost – more-so on the mining side since income is taxed higher than capital gains. Thank you for your videos

  20. How accurate is the difficulty on those spreadsheets? Is it based on past data or a guess?

  21. Sounds like a job for renderstreet!

  22. uTorrent in taskbar. Very smart. However thumbs up for winamp.

  23. Hi Sorry to see this so late! Just getting into the game. Loved your video & honesty. Can you recommend the latest GPU best suited for Ethereum, or for mining other coins too, jumping around for the most profitable?

  24. please donate if you can, here is the wallet address
    thanks for donation

  25. What is your stance on this as of now – Nov. 24 2018 ?