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What is Atlant all about?

A new and promoising ICO is before us. Because the team behind Atlant will try to bring Real Estate to the blockchain. Excited? Then real along and learn more about Atlant.
Atlant is a real estate blockchain platform. Traders are able to buy and sell without changing a lot of the substantial changes in the asset price. Atlant has a low fee for trading so you can make more profit.


Atlant utilizes cryptofinancing (Initial Coin Offering) for development capital as opposed to conventional funding and investors. Distributed Rentals will permit to essentially lessen the expenses brought about by the two gatherings (lessors and lessors) and limit the likelihood of false audits and phony evaluations – which is a noteworthy issue of existing incorporated rental administrations, for example, Airbnb, Expedia, Booking and so forth.

Land tokens speaking to property proprietorship will empower a fluid market of land at a value revelation cost.

This stage is bolstered by a center token, curtailed as “ATL”. So it would be extremely valuable on the off chance that you join the Presale Karna at a large portion of the cost of the ico. With the approach of blockchain innovation, inn organizations and the development of online administrations, for example, Booking and Airbnb can be disturbed and diverted to decentralized administrations, for example, ATLANT, And the innovation can quicken the development and use of supply. Atlant accepts blockchain can possibly help quicken the execution of the Joint Economy which has started to relinquish mechanical interruptions by opening a lot of already undiscovered limit and capacity limit and will totally adjust land exchanges and proprietorship exchanges as we probably am aware them. What Is ATLANT ?


ATLANT is tending to two of the most apropos issues in land with its decentralized blockchain stage: Tokenized Ownership and worldwide P2P Rentals.Peer-to-Peer Rentals will permit to essentially diminish the expenses caused by the two gatherings (lessors and lessors) and limit the likelihood of false audits and phony evaluations – which is a noteworthy issue of existing incorporated rental administrations, for example, Airbnb, Expedia, Booking and so forth.

Land is the biggest resource class on the planet, and furthermore one of the minimum proficient. Atlant offers appealing arrangements through presale and ico.

The point of the atlant is to engage the worldwide land advertise worth $ 217 + trillion with a 2017 $ 1.4 trillion volume to locate a more straightforward and fluid approach to contribute and exchange. The ATLANT stage tries to help isolate land into token, and after that PTO (Property Token Offering) and enroll it on the trade, beginning with a decentralized ADEX trade in light of the Ethereum shrewd contract. ATLANT gives two key highlights to address the known issues in the present worldwide land of Tokenized and Peer-to-Peer Rentals Ownership. ATLANT works as an extraordinary decentralized framework, controlled by DAO based on Ethereal. This stage permits property proprietors and designers to relate properties by making altered shrewd contracts and playing out the dispersion of tokens to offer the property (in part or entirely)

ATLANT Gives a Opportunity To All Investors

Atlant Gives a chance to Investors to build up this venture by holding the crowdsale token Atlant (ATL). Utilized possession will improve each sort of operation with land, including property venture and proprietorship exchanges, either somewhat or totally.

The ATLANT Platform ( ATLANT) is building a cutting edge worldwide land stage in light of blockchain innovation.

With a protected carefully designed framework, in view of blockchain, clients can swap property bundles on atlant stages and middle of the road delegates in rent exchanges, P2P (shared) exchanges, all of which will enhance usability and security for Guest and host alike , Streamline the client encounter and empower quickened increasing speed. It’s fabulous on the off chance that you contribute and purchase a large number of their past tokens at the dispatch of this Atlant coin in the commercial center, as the cost goes up you will profit significantly. Presale closes in 19 august 2017 and crowdsaled ico in september 2017 .At Presale the cost of his tokens is 1 ETH = 1010 ATL and at ico the cost of token 1 ETH = 505 ATL. Under the preservationist suspicion, blockchain innovation (just for the US advertise) will give unstable development to the hotel marketThe ATL Token is basically a participation authentication on the ATLANT Platform, allowing the accompanying rights and benefits to its proprietor in order to consent to KYC/AML ATLANT strategy and confirmation of affirmed part movement by running ATLANT hubs on part PCs: Listing costs recorded in agreeable property tokens ERC20, on all properties recorded through the ATLANT Platform amid their underlying property tokens offer.

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