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Why Ethereum price will be huge long-term


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  1. In Russia, CryptoRuble buys you!

  2. Anyone suggest a good ICO to jump on to next? let me know or resources for finding out ratings of next ICOs to invest in

  3. lowkey looking out for doge.

  4. Do you think these stupid crypto kitties will/has change(d) this prediction?

  5. Until the kitties showed up….. lol

  6. Hi, Newb question: Is it possible for ETH (or any other cryptocoins) to adopt tangle (i.e. IOTA) if it's proven and used over time? If any cryptocoin's system or underlying tech can be changed via a community's concensus then marketcap becomes one of the most important factor to determine its longetivity since newer more advanced altcoin will keep ICOing.

  7. Hi, great video ! One query. I understand every year approx 18 million ethers will keep on getting added. Based on this, yoy increase in no. of ethers is approx. 20% and if the market capitalisation wont increase at a much much faster rate, the increase wont be really so lucrative. Is my analysis correct or am I missing something? Somebody said ethers will virtually reach 100 million no. after 150 years. Hence, I am slightly confused.

  8. any coin can come and take out bitcoin or etheruem , and they will once each government brings out their own crypto coin they will die,

  9. fundamentals is not a strong gauge of the value nowadays, hype is

  10. Is that the Russian accent?)

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  12. My god, u were right:))))! Should have listened to you 2 months ago regarding litecoin. Could have bought 2 more ltc for 100 $ oh well ,it s just the way it goes

  13. Yet at the same time the Ethereum Wallet is the shittiest wallet ever. Can't sync properly (unable to catchup blockchain) for a lot a user with slower internet or computer. Also no solid light wallet. And massive scalability problem with the size of the blockchain already too big for a normal computer. (Even though we are just in early adoption, imagine in 10 years). If ethereum don't solve those problems it will crash.

  14. Seems like real juicy info if I could only understand what he saying.

  15. Think about this for a minute. We see these crypto-currencies with paper values in the billions. This poster discusses ETH passing the value of Visa and MC at 400 B. How is it possible for crypto currencies to really take up that much USD wealth when they are 100% disconnected from each other? Just try to cash in all those coins and you'll see how much they are really worth. My guess is the current exchange system can only handle 1/10th of the USD paper value of these currencies right now and would shut down or halt all trading if there was a rush for the exits.

  16. Ethereum is going down to ADA, graphic analysis just work for cryptocurrencies in short terms. Long-term predictions have to be based in technology and marketing. Ada will overrun Ethereum with it's superior 3rd gen tech.

  17. Lovely Video! Would love to see some on Altcoins

  18. wao i dont know u have youtube channel except Medium =]]]

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  21. Hi there Mr. Crypto Portofolio, can you tell me which website is safe for me to buy ETH?

  22. Ethereum is setting new all time highs currently. Meanwhile Bitcoin and litecoin are falling. It is clear Ethereum has much higher to go.

  23. Fred Wilson’s (Union Sqaure) capitalization forecast: Wrong.

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  26. I think MAID (Maidsafe) is the better bet long term. The can do what bitcoin does, they can do what ethereum does + a lot more. They are creating the world's first autonomous network. Not based on blockchain, but datachain which is superior in performance and scaling. Safecoin transactions are realtime and completely anonymous, there is no history kept with datachains

  27. tks !! so many, rich information !

  28. Now Ethereum is $2000 AUS.
    Lots of people below are wrong

  29. wake me up when ethereum goes pos lol

  30. Are you Denis Kulagin of Serenity Financial?! This is so cool!

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