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How to Set up an Ethereum Paper Wallet

The Crypto Dad reveals you ways to set up an Ethereum paper pockets. We undergo producing and printing the Ethereum pockets. Then I present you ways to transfer ether token out and in of the paper pockets.
Essential software program used is:
Ethereum Venture House web page:

The paper pockets is generated at:

We examine the standing of the account utilizing this web site:

The video reveals you ways to straight fund your new Ethereum pockets. I do that with a Coinbase account. If you want to discover the Coinbase web site, you possibly can go right here:

Later we use MyEtherWallet once more to ship tokens out of the paper pockets

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  1. Thank you very much! What got you into blockchain and crypto?

  2. In bitcoin paper wallet, password provides extra layer of security. Why we don't have such level of security in ethereum paper wallet?

  3. Thank you for this very good video. One thing I don't understand is why a password is required when creating a private key at MyEtherWallet, since you don't seem to use or need your password in the rest of the video.

  4. Hi, thanks for another great video. I find the myetherwallet process somehow concerning, it demands a lot of trust in a third party. Don't you think?

  5. For me this is quality learning at its best , you made this very understandable for me Thank You !Your my number one source for training on digital money ! Also your examples have helped me much in understanding how to use my computer significantly better,you would be surprised how the littlest things in your videos {detail} has greatly helped so please keep the fine details and comments in your videos for beginners like me.Please keep the videos going ! Looking forward till next time !

  6. Surely accessing the private key through a web browser is unsecure and could compromise the key from the start?

  7. Great video, you were a huge help, thanks a lot.

  8. Thank you Sir for these videos. I just got into the Crypto World and I am hooked. Your videos are very clear and extremely helpful for beginners such as me. Please keep the videos coming…!! And i like it when your daughter makes a surprise visit on the video..!!

  9. Thank you. Made the complicated more simple.

  10. Very helpful for a beginner! Do you think this will replace regular bank accounts? How does the value increase? Or is it just storage? And finally, where is your next video since October? Did you make dividends? Can I do it also or is to late to profit from this new trend in your opinion?

  11. Loved the video so funny also and super helpful Thank you

  12. haaaaaa…would it not be funny if someone actually tried to get that spare change just for fun…love your videos

  13. Great info thanks but the 11000010 in the background makes me motion sick

  14. hi. do you have a video on how to buy ether tokens and store on Nano s?

  15. Great tutorial. Thanks for taking the time to explain things slowly and clearly.

  16. Very cool video thanks CryptoDad, isn't it better to print it in paper and also save it as pdf in usb or ext. hdd? and one more thing for paper wallets does the inkjet printer quality enough or we should use laser printer?

    many thanks,

  17. so what if the website my ether wallet for some reason crashed and didnt exist anymore??????????????
    1 year down the track can you still get it out?????????????

  18. can i exchange LTC to etherwallet from changelly ?

  19. i want to Buy this cool ICO so they are accepting only ETH what to do if i send my ETH from binance to then binance charging 13$ ?
    can i exchange my LTC to ETH from to ether wallet to buy DIGITEX ICO ? so may be low fees they charge for LTC ? Wht do u think ?

  20. Nice video!
    Only thing which is bothering me is password and JSON file. Do you need them if you use paper wallet?

  21. Wouldn't you just keep the electronic part on a memory stick too. Then you could just cut and paste later, but the security of the paperwallet is a great way to start until you get a lot of different ones. Then you may want a ledger or trezor.

    Good video. Jer

  22. Thanks for the video. I've been trying to get Ether into a new Trezor. Thought I had lost $100 ether but had it in a paper wallet created at myetherwallet. Had the keys, printouts and everything, just didn't know how to extract it. Got it back to my desktop wallet after watching this. When you click on "private key" at myetherwallet, they zap you with "not recommended" messages, now. The video gave me the push in the right direction, so thanks!

  23. Hi Rex, I have created myether wallet using json file and when ever i transfer eth they are getting transfered automatically,I lost 2 ETH in this hacking or phishing..unfortunately i have this address for ICO's now please tell me how to avoid losing ETH or ERC tokens further from this wallet,Please advice if i can make it as paper ..i will be very thankfull if you can help me..

  24. great video, but how do I get my money back if the Myetherwallet website is down for whatever reason? is there other websites that i can use ?

  25. You should've inserted cartoon fight sound effects when you went to get the printed page.

  26. Hey Rex, in your video (at 3:32), when you downloaded the Keystore File and said the file name is going to be the private key, did you mean to say the public key? Also, is the file supposed to be 'openable' or do you just use it for the file name since mine won't open and not sure if that matters?

  27. What is a JSON File? Thanks for your video.

  28. Informativo video esperamos más contenido y nos quedamos pendiente a su canal gracias