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Ethereum Explained

Let’s construct a decentralized ticket service utilizing Ethereum! Ethereum is the 2nd greatest cryptocurrency in market cap behind Bitcoin and gives a Turing-complete blockchain. Utilizing Ethereum + IPFS, builders can construct highly effective decentralized functions, and this gives novelty in a considerably saturated marketplace for app builders. Let’s get began!

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  1. this is such a good break down, I'm a Infrastructure architect, full stack developer and technology solutions architect with 20 years experience and I am just blown away by where distributed architecture is going… however I think there is a major problem with all of blockchain technology at the moment.. and that is… money.. people driven by trying to make money have completly different mindsets than true engineering type mindsets, who are driven by efficiency and improvement… who actually want to make things better.
    these are seriously conflicting motives and I think its a real world quantifiable example of the fundamental flaw in capitilism as a primary motivation for society… the drive for wealth for wealths sake is now a literal "bug" in our social construct, we need to change the worlds motivation at the root cause..

  2. “The blockchain is a glorified linked-list.” Click now I got it. Thanks again Siraj for making a tangible mental foothold from which to learn a complex subject.

  3. Can i use a rest server using express and expose apis which would be calling the web3 functions to communicate with Ethereum?

  4. ET is here at atmosphere: Firefox or vampire hunters VS . What these things create into the world 2018 …… at the end … what the worst things that happen for the victims can not change or could not bring those good matters back

  5. Have u ever get in the taxi and the taxi driver block u ….( fast forward to …u have to pay for the taxi as cash without recipes….are you getting mad or feeling nothing disturb you at all , because u just thinking that …people need to make some extra cash for their expense….and u don't want to headache with the topic of good people ,right ,wrong, illegal , bad people , hero, friends of the theirs and etc…

  6. Wasted so much time on other websites, ExpertOption is by far the best

  7. Started out so well but after 17:00 started thinking this dude got to be an alien ?. Especially saying things like "really simple". still subbed. Thanks Siraj

  8. I don't know how many people actually tried to run it on their systems but when I try to compile the code in the root directory of the project with truffle, it gives me following error:

    $ truffle compile
    (node:26441) ExperimentalWarning: The fs.promises API is experimental
    Error parsing /Volumes/xyzdrive/Ethereum/ethereum_demo/contracts/Migrations.sol: ParsedContract.sol:7:3: ParserError: Expected token Semicolon got 'RBrace'
    Compilation failed. See above.

    Can you may be correct it out?

  9. Hi Ravel, is there a way a person who is not technical create token and assign. is that possible? as our account team personnel is not technical and we do not want this information to be floating in company.

  10. Thank you Siraj Raval for your explanation about Ethereum Blockchain platform. How can I get the keynote summary file used in your presentation?

  11. Wow, very interesting, not that I understand it all, but it is fascinating just to have an overview of it, and it's complexity. Your grasp of the technologies/ concepts, and the ability to present it, is very impressive. As an aircraft mechanic, I've got some catch up work to do…..

  12. This blockchain company looks so interesting.

  13. Smart is sexy….yeah, I know…nobody thinks smart contracts are sexy… But actually they are…and Contract Vault is making it happen. Super cool, simple platform to create legal agreements with smart contract elements… Truly smart!

  14. ETH still the most sophisticated system to date. HODL.

  15. Generally, I try to trade in mid term cos it's rather difficult to catch the price direction on the volatile market on short impulses. Fees is better in comparison with other crypto exchanges