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Cardano (ADA) – Better than Ethereum, NEO and Lisk?

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Cardano (ADA) has exploded into the highest 20 cryptos this week! However is the Cardano (IOHK) challenge worthwhile? On this episode, I will check out Cardano and talk about if I believe it’s a good crypto to purchase…

To appease cash-hungry legal professionals and irresponsible folks, it needs to be identified that I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR and THIS IS NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE. I’m merely educating and entertaining. What you do with your individual cash is your individual duty. Search the counsel of an clever monetary advisor (good luck discovering one) earlier than investing yours or anybody else’s cash.

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  1. What about IOTA guys? Isnt it "better" then Cardano? I mean "Made in Germany" 🙂

  2. I bought and sold this alt and am so disappointed about it! It dipped to .08 and I doubt i'll ever see there! I'm settling for .13 on bittrex and will continue to buy! This is definitely a hodl. My only concern is the size of the project. They have so many goals to accomplish its no wonder many people are speculative. It will take a long time but if done well, I think it can fly…not to mention all the recent money flowing into cryptos since CBOE bit futures. I am not well versed on Lisk – maybe i'll check your video! However going back to the large size of these projects. They have lofty goals (which I LOVE! dream big, right?!) and they have a team to match this insane take over. I think the internet started on a platform that many people knew would be outdated very soon and I expect crypto to have a lot of "shedding." This non-fork approach may take a stab (pun intended!) at ethereum. Maybe Lisk too – gotta look that up. AND holy shit I wonder what Salt will be up to! Can you imagine all that new money flowing in and then people borrowing money to re-invest. I'd like to see a bailout here! 😛

  3. Cardano is the NEW BITCOIN ! Dont compare it to anything, u cant :))

  4. I liked your comment about being the sum of the 5 people you spend most time with… have subscribed to you and most importnatly…bought into Cardano – for the long run…peace!

  5. Isn't 45 b supply of cardano a little scary?

  6. Amazing content.

  7. today CARDANO = 0.6 usd hhhhhhhhhhhhh you'are very gooooood man

  8. .50 for 45billion max supply . fuck that

  9. Having my “wallet” set up with x-amount of $$ in it ( or them ), is there a possibility of them crashing or worse disappearing ? I doubt they are FDC insured lol. What happens then ? Is my money gone ? With no one to go after ?

  10. Cardano can touch $20 in 3 to 6 months…Next generation crypto currency with all features.

    Cardano can serve the world due to large circulation of coins.

    It can balance the demand supply in any business situations.

  11. If you really wanna millionaire.. buy Cindicator (CND) .. see their project and idea. Their app is live since last two years and they have got significant funding from Institutional investors.

    Other huge potential currency is QASH.

  12. Cardano will be a sucess. With the most modern blockchain network.. Awesome team and a Good website with a low price in cents.. It will surely rise. Andd thanks Again to Randall for listning to the people and making a awewome video on it 🙂

  13. I saw better gains on some other cryptos, but dude you nailed it with Cardano, 2 thumbs up dude.

  14. it's insane how late to the party I feel with all these coins and this video is only 2 months old. Haha

  15. "were not killing whales and unicorns…"

  16. hey i want to tell you i made such a stupid mistake, after i watched your vid 2 months ago i bought like 1000 cardano coins for 20 dollar (0,02 usd at the time) and now it is 1.02, thats a profit of 1k! but heck im stupid i should have put 200 usd in it… thats 10k 😮 guess what i spent another 200 bucks on some shit called verge coin. what a fucking waste !!!!! and im so angry

  17. Very informative video on ADA… Many people are recommending storing my Cardano shares in Daedalus wallet…Is that really necessary?

  18. Damn, u made profit boyy 😀 ! <3

  19. Ada might, but EOS s also a good competitor

  20. Can you please do video Neo vs Stella vs Cardano VS Eos Platform Differences?

  21. Cardano is in its infancy stage now once this coin evolves it will become the next ETHEREUM but BETTER it will solve
    the problems BTC and ETH are going through now

    BTC is Blockchain 1.0
    ETH is Blockchain 2.0
    ADA is Blockchain 3.0