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How to Install & Set up the Ethereum wallet and purchase ether

The Crypto Dad exhibits you ways to set up the Ethereum wallet. We undergo downloading (with verification) and putting in the Ethereum wallet. Necessary software program used is:
Ethereum Undertaking Dwelling web page:

Software program verification is finished with:
MD5 & SHA Checksum Utility

The video exhibits you ways to instantly fund your new Ethereum wallet. I do that with a debit card. This method creates a Coinbase account “on the fly” and transfers your bought cash instantly into your Ethereum wallet. If you need to discover the Coinbase web site, you’ll be able to go right here:

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  1. Hey, I enjoy your videos. One thing you could do to make them better is- increase the font size… I've just watched a minute and I've noticed you don't need all that white space. Bringing the print up large will make a better video. More solid. More cool… good vids, cheers.

  2. I love your glasses. Where did you buy them? I'm looking to scrap the pair I purchased at the 99 cent store.

  3. Hi Crypto Dad, Thank you for your excellent and realistic videos. I recently bought some ETH and wanted to setup a wallet like I did with BitCoin. However, the solution you present here, is not practical for me. Over night I downloaded the blockchain and now my SSD is used up 100% and it's still loading. Is there an alternative for a light wallet for ETH which is not an online wallet?

  4. So I installed the Ethereum Wallet, doing the Checksum check per your instructions, all good there. I also have Malwarebytes installed. Every now and then Malwarebytes will give me a pop up that it's blocked an outbound connection to some IP addresses from the Ethereum geth.exe file claiming that the site is malicious. What's up with that?

  5. Nice video, you showed everything I wanted. However the binary graphics are annoying. Sorry, but the rest is great! Keep it up

  6. Hi Sir! Do you know, by any chance, what is the "json file" in the ethereum wallet??

  7. What to do with this: "ethereum node connection error"?

  8. Can you do a video on Ethereum Dash? I am befuddled on the verification, as it does not match your GPA verification answers. Worse, there are multiple file names and verify gives different results. Now, has a link to download Ethereum Dash wallet, and the link re-directs to the Ethereum website for the download. Then, no verification file. However, has a different location to download the files with the signature file included. But the file names are slightly different. And, on the web it says beware of the fake Ethereum website and how people lost their money on it. And, there are reports of Hackers loading evil programs on Github to trick honest people, and I do not understand the Ethereum numerous listings and the relevance of a forked deviation on the program set (there is a Ethereum DASH wallet last updated 3-5 years ago, and another updated 7 months or so ago. Frankly speaking, even though I have a Comp Sci degree from the first class forced to buy the MAC 128, I rely on your videos for guidance as I do not have the time with my regular job, to learn all this stuff.

  9. Hi, I am 1-2 weeks new to this Crypto your video is really great! it very well explained steps by steps. Thank you very much!

  10. Hi, I follow the steps by steps and completed (I able to send fund from Coinbase to Ethereum Wallet).
    In the program "Ethereum Wallet) I see the public address, how do I find out my private address.

    (I also have this wallet) Like the website my paper wallet I see my private key. Thanks

  11. The program has been giving me some problems, sometimes the program is stuck at the "Ethereum node connected" and sometimes when it does open the sync takes forever (295 blocks left). Any advice?

  12. Hi, I am new to crypto currency stuff and video is what l need to start the wallet. But it seems l encounter an issue, every time when l open up my wallet it is a test wallet. Anyway l can acess my main wallet so l can buy some ethereum to fun erc20 token?

  13. Hello Sir, I'm interested your way of video presentation. Which software you use for screen recording that included some feature for mobile screen on your desktop? Pls

  14. HELLO DAD ..HOW ACTIVATED Disabled Tansaction eth in etherscan..thanks

  15. 0xa7b2a7d67acf558abb142fc5851d8f6b4528e373
    Added on 1/27/2018 12:16:42 PM 0.86659227 Ether ($708.55)
    Subtotal: $708.55 Disabled
    Grand Total ( @$817.63/ETH ) : $708.55 this is a copie

  16. Downloaded today, new version doesnt have launch application on bottom of the screen like yours. im stuck

  17. HELLO..How to validate ethereum DISABLED IN ETHERSCAN…THANKS

  18. Rex, what's the difference between downloading MEW from and Thx.

  19. Thanks for the video. What is the main difference between this software client version and client? This desktop version is painfully slow and takes up a LOT of space, so what functionality would be missing by using the online client instead?

  20. How to add money if not in US?

  21. How can one get his private key from Ethereum Mist wallet? Isn't Mist wallet easier to hack than Ethereum Wallet?