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How To Use EtherDelta: Decentralized Ethereum Exchange For ERC-20 Tokens

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  2. Txs, subscribed, good delivery content.

  3. Dont go on Etherdelta, they hack you frtom with in, like me. I lost 17000 Dollar. They hide themselfs, no one knows who they are. Take the big sites. There are more small ones who do this, and soon than they disaprear. The big hack on them took to much time. After the discovery of the hack it took 2 hours before they shut it down. I have no proove, but insiders say it took to long. And why was it a small amout that time? Only 200 000 dollar, why nog 10 miljon? Because they like to look safe. The hack on me was aftyer the big hack. Possibly they take a bit now and than. Be very carefull ansd remove yoyr coins from Etherdelta. Thats the best , no doubt for me.

  4. @6:13 i watched this video after using etherdelta and used ALL my ether. was approx $400. what do you recommend? transaction accelerator? any way to refund?

  5. WTFFFF I click deposit to desposit it from metamask to etherdelta and it says it worked and it went to some wallet and it DOENS'T SHOW UP ON ETHERDELTA WTF I just lost a LOT of money

  6. fuck i sent ETH to the address at the top 🙁

  7. Dont go there, ETD is a horror. Many coins are stolen from within, i ,lost 17000 dollar by a hack from within. The virus is not on my PC, also not in my router. It happens more, outside the big hack. This big hack wich was in the newspapers took too long toime, they sgutted douwn the ETh Delta after 2 hours wich is according specialists too long

  8. i have enough money in my ether wallet for gas (0.030) but somehow etherdelta is given me an erro everytime i try to deposit my PayFair tokens (PFR) to my etherdelta wallet. why? i wanna get rid off them. help please.

  9. Title of video is how to use etherdelta yet so much talking. just talk about what you indicate in your title.

  10. this makes sense only to the religiously techy. WTF. This retarded 'exchange' makes me want to visit the 'developers' at their homes, as they have neglected to leave a telephone number. people deserve 5 hours of torture, as that is how long I've wasted and got nowhere, why has tech turned the customer into some second class punk? One day I hope those who have insinuated their parasitic tech on the good humans of this planet may pause to ask themselves, just before they are given the treatment of the Cathars by the Vatican.

  11. Hi Crypt0, You sound like you have some experience with EtherDelta. I, unfortunately, had to learn the hardway that things are not working as smoothly as it should on EtherDelta. I need your expertise as I am new with EtherDelta and don't know who can help me at the moment. I deposited an amount of an ERC20 token via my ledger nano on EtherDelta yesterday, the deposit was confirmed (success) via etherscan, setting and cancelling sell orders but shortly after the successful deposit I lost access to the site EtherDelta site not loading – volume, order book, trades keeps spinning.

    Any ideas?

    I am desperate to get my tokens out and back into my ledger

    Thanks in advance for your time

    Kind Regards

  12. How do I transfer EOS tokens from metamask into etherdelta??

  13. What happens when you deposit the full amount? I dont see it transfer at all.. no EtherDelth….

  14. Why don't you show us a real life sample (buying the actual coin), instead of telling us how it is done, I mean isn't it the point of this video after all?

  15. When I log in to Etherdelta I can't get my balances all I get is ???. And in the transactions I get the spinning circles. What am I doing wrong?

  16. I have never heard somebody talk so much and tell so little

  17. can we use etherdelta only wth ledger or we have to get metamask… stucked trying to deposit from wallet to etherdelta w but its not going, it sayd that ni enoough gaz

  18. The speed of this exchange is mental

  19. How do you buy tokens that aren't listed using just the contract address?

  20. Great tutorial! I was lost on Ether Delta until I came across your video.

  21. just found your channel. SUB'd!

  22. None of these tutorials for etherdelta ever make sense to me. Straightforwardly… how do you deposit ethereum from another ethereum address–in my case without linking the wallet to the exchange–to etherdelta… I am only using coinbase right now cause I am new to crypto.

  23. Hello I want your opinion in coin Streamr DATAcoin

  24. Can you leave the trade open on etherdelta switch off your pc and go to sleep and hope your trade executes over night?

  25. to avoid losing my coins when i clear my browser cache…should i "withdraw"(but leave it on the site) the traded coins or leave them there…very confusing

  26. Howcome you dont know how to get smartcontract ?

  27. When I try to add another token, LPX, but the token at the top of the page never changes from PPT. Any ideas?

  28. Why dont you try to do a real trade, and not to demo like a shit.

  29. from any exchange if you have the code

  30. The reason I liked this video is because my token wasn't in the drop down menu on Ether Delta and he showed my how to look it up! Other videos didn't mention that. Thanks.

  31. I gotten mmapg tokens created and i want listing on ether delta. I got 150,000 i want to insert into the market.

  32. What happens to the deposit if ether delta was hacked?

  33. I want to trade one ERC-20 token that is not listed there (but I own on my ethereum address from my nano S) to another ERC-20 token that is also not listed there. How do I do it?

  34. can i put my private key to log in ??? is this safe ???

  35. EtherDelta is my LEAST favorite exchange. It feels like the wild west every time I use it.