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Ledger Nano S hardware wallet | Easy set up guide for Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC20 tokens!

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  2. Hi Beau, I sent 2 transactions to the same BTC address on my ledger nano s and now 1 of them is constantly unconfirmed. I didn't know I had to generate a new receiving address each time I use it. Can you tell me how to get the unconfirmed tx fixed? Thanks, Karen

  3. After opening the application, what could be the reason for the wallet not to launch after entering the pin code?

  4. I am following your tutorial.. i am up to 5/19min for installing firmware… my app does not have the "Install firmware" ICON? How do i get this to display?

  5. Nice clear video man. Good job.

  6. Save the kanga bloody roos mate!

  7. Best cryptocurrency Telcoin! x50 in this year. Airdrop

  8. Really great video. very helpful. thank you from AUS!

  9. This video rocked! Coupled with the directions on the Ledger site regarding the firmware update I was able to launch my Nano S and pull my coin off the exchange in about 2 hours. My advice, take your time, follow his steps and don't get discouraged if you get errors when updating (Ledger site walks you through that part via the Bootlogging feature). I can't thank this Aussie enough, I'm a fan!

  10. I wish I were young, like you. But I'm old and your video just overwhelms me. Not saying your video is bad… just saying I feel like I'm in a calculous class room. I sure wish I could figure this out. All my cryptos are online (my life savings) and I just know it's going to get hacked before I can find someone to teach me how to use my nano s. I didn't realize I could get hacked so easily until after I bought my tokens. I also bought a trazor but can't figure out how to use it eather. And I can't figure out how to make a paper wallet. I'm so screwed.

  11. I am STILL trying to install my ledger. I finally figured out how to download chrome but can't go any further. When I plug the ledger in it makes a sound letting me know I plugged it in but the screen doesn't change like everybody is showing on the videos. It says I have google chrome and it says I have made it as my default browser. But then I can't go any further. It just keeps looping and getting me no where.

  12. ok decent vid. However… things are not as you say. Ledger manager DID NOT open because i was tethered.. I see NO screen that has acces to "My Device" sometimes you may want to Literally follow instructions without assumeing steps. It would make you and your videos clearer.

  13. Absolutely awesome , very clear explanation!! Great job, sir!!

  14. Hey Bo (?) – i had wasted 2 hours on trying to figure out why i couldn't see the erc-20 tokens displayed on the nano s. Pretty poor that it can't read them don't you think – hardly logical. Thx to your video i realised that i did nothing wrong. I suppose i will need to send some Eth to same address for Gas right?

  15. oh by the way, if anyone decides to upgrade their firmware, make sure they have the seed because the whole nano automatically gets erased. i am on the previous version for this reason, and the result is the apps won't install.

  16. I have this device so much. About as useful as a Motorola pager. Setup was cumbersome. There really isn't a way to back out of certain menu options with just two buttons. Firmware update doesn't work. After all that writing 24 freaking words you have to download multiple wallet apps to configure them. I hate this thing. My best advise is just wait another year for someone to invent a hard wallet with modern features and this thing will be ready for recycling

  17. You helped me a lot! I love your accent btw!

  18. I have watched many videos in two weeks, You are the best guide!!!

  19. You have a couple of gold nuggets that other videos had left out.

  20. Best tutorial i have seen. I'm still dumbfounded with the Ledger; Trezor is much more straightforward. Luv yr accent!