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Vitalik Buterin describes Ethereum in his own words | Disrupt SF 2017

Vitalik Buterin explains Ethereum in his own words at Disrupt SF:

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  1. Fantastic explanation Vitalik!!!! you are fantastic, my company and my team are always following you!

  2. He is a freaking genius. His shirt says it all. Yeah Im a unicorn and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Ha! Lol!

  3. Describe Ethereum to AVERAGE person… Vitalik start using Alien language

  4. Pls look at the full video length. Its 30min long…

  5. I will tell you what is Ethereum in one sentence. If you bought $5000 worth of ethereum 2 years ago and sold it on June 13 2017 then you would have made more that 2 million dollars.

  6. Fucking hell i knew about it a year ago and thought it was a scam, damn, missing an investment opportunity feels almost (i said almost) as awful as losing a ton of money. For anyone reading this now or in the future, buy crypto, ai stocks, retail and media companies who implement any or both of those technologies. Prove me wrong in 5 or 10 years lol.

  7. Its sad that some people would judge him by the way hes dressed etc, but people like him change the world.. The world needs people like him. Nice shirt Vitalik.

  8. Developing a turing complete language from scratch never made sense to me because there are already MANY well-vetted languages in use. Any one of them (sic. ALL of them) can be used to write smart contracts just like contracts can be written in any human language (i.e. English, French, Chinese etc). There is no BEST human language to write a contrat in so, likewise, there is no best language to write a smart contract in. Beyond that, the payment is part of the performance of the terms of a contract (which is beyond the actual drafting of the contract to arrive at "the meeting of the minds" or the agreement). So any language can be equipped with functions or modules or APIs to execute payments in many modes already so paying in cryto is no different than issuing a transaction in fiat. The whole idea of mixing a language with a cryypto with "smart contracts" seems more like a pea-under-a-shell game where one is constantly tricked to believe the value happens to be in the "other" shell.

  9. Zero fees and unlimited scaling, you don't need a Buterin to understand that IOTA will rule them all

  10. This is not the basic version at all. He didn’t describe that eth is a system used by other coins to ICO. My man.

  11. That T-shirt is worth more than the Ethereum market cap. It is quite simply the greatest thing I have ever seen in my life.

    Watch, the interviewer is too scared to look at it. He has to keep averting his eyes, such is its majestic and terrifying power.

  12. Ethereum is amazing technology, but EOS will most likely surpass it one day. Developers need scalability to build DApps with millions of users, 0 transaction fees and WebAssembly support.

  13. If you like his shirt, ETH is for you.

  14. I'm sorry can you repeat that. I was staring at your shirt.

  15. The US senators & all government budget department should listen to this!

  16. I wish I can look at his mind. It probably would Killin me.

  17. What worries me about cryptocurrencies is their vulnerability to theft from tech geniuses. I can put a paper dollar in a safe in my home and it's fairly difficult for someone to steal it. Digital currencies are more like sensitive personal data and as we've seen with the Equifax breach, it just takes someone with the technical know-how to steal it.

  18. This man is a freakin legend!

  19. Amazing vision Vitalik, I'm mining Etherum because i belive in your project 🙂

  20. Who is this guy…rain man? He sounds clueless

  21. Etherium the dying old man — Raiders of the Lost Ark !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT is NEM – the next etherium

  22. Amazing, listen to all the retards on here focusing on his shirt, sort of like underestimating his intelligence by cheapening him to a piece of fabric. who cares what he's wearing

  23. how to take serously someone who doesnt even brush their hair?