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Gold analyst believes Bitcoin & Ethereum domination is coming to a end!!

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  1. A very misleading title for this video.
    While the "tangibles" such as gold/silver represent "real" money against the fraudulent fiat money system, the "tangibles" do not have an implicit pro-decentralisation effect. The "tangibles", per-se, do not have potential for challenging the criminal power of centralized banking. In contrast, the crypto-currency sphere directly challenges the centralized banking paradigm and is winning as evident from recent event in China (Chinese government action against crypto-currency exchanges) and bankster statements against bitcoin. The Japanese government has embraced crypto-currency and now treat bitcoin as legal tender using a, unfortunately, centralised approach. Still, the Japanses (like many others) realise the potential of crypto-currencies.

    The power of centralised government is linked to centralised banking.
    Diminish centralised banking and you enhance freedom for the citizenry.

  2. what killed gold and silver is the ETF's , most people own paper gold ( myself included) through an ETF, this current run in Bitcoin started when the Bitcoin ETF was turned down, If they do get a Bitcoin ETF then you might want to cash out of bitcoin

  3. title is retarded, and cryptocurrencies are just special needs

  4. see he doesn't own bitcoin, so his opinion i can trust

  5. I want bitcoin to crash so I can buy more of it

  6. Danielle, stop being so fucking cute!

  7. so he accepts cryptos been dominating gold for the last 5/6 years, bitch goldhead mfsss

  8. How can governments stop bitcoin when trading is peer to peer.

  9. The world will always be ruled by the most powerful people on earth and the system will be locked with the development of artificial intelligence.

  10. Bitcoin and banks are obsolete. All currency is obsolete. Gold and silver will break out at the first sign of collapse, since they are real money.

  11. Just invite Peter Schif to talk about bitcoin

  12. You can go to /scrypto.io. fro Best Masternode and free VPS service launching for Digital Price Coin user soon!

  13. All speculation. Usually wrong in almost every instance. Time will tell how we are ushered into the digital world so every transaction is known, taxed and sliced up for those in power.

  14. Bitcoin can't work in Morocco, right now if you show your smartphone on a public space like streets it will get stolen right away

  15. Bitcoin/ Ripple /Cardano.

  16. What is all that bullshit in that file all those names you're trying to get these meta tags going so people come to your site does the bullshit interview probably an old interview you fuckers copy everything trying to make a few pennies off of fuck YouTube

  17. Danniela Cambone accused him of talking positive of cryptocurrencies because he OWNED some. She fell flat on her face when he said he owned NONE. Doubt she accuses EVERYONE she interviews the same. This was obviously a hit piece against cryptos that backfired in the establishment's face.

  18. Stupid bankers running with oxygen masks now :)))
    The criminals cooking the gold #'s the price have to be 60.000$ per oz :)))compere QE unlimited gang
    I love me BTC crypto bull train
    It is 21mill of BTC only !!!
    If we have 21 mill $ only how mach is gonna cost 1$ today ? Hmm bobble??
    Hahahaha JPM ,JPD gang you can suck it
    Bey bey petro $ scam bey bey proxy wars stupid NWO / UN criminals :))))
    Sanctions ???? Suck it stupid greedy bankers :))))/
    Slava Russia

  19. Stupid bankers running. With oxygen masks :))) crypto all the way agents
    QE unlimited gang of NWO :)))

  20. Not only is it not a bubble, but if you invest in something else besides blockchain tech, you’re not going to make any money.

  21. In the amount of time that my 600$ in traditional stocks took to make 60$, bitcoin would have made me 12,000$. BYE BYE Wall Street you’re not getting sane people’s money anymore lol

  22. Funny how people call the dollar a scam but when BTC reach all time high price they converted it to dollars aka fiat money. In the end dollar still win.

  23. Watch the Bitcoin price skyrocket as all the 160 fiat currencies and central banks start buying Bitcoin for their own balance sheets (just like they buy gold with them)!

  24. Wow… is she gorgeous…

  25. there is no such thing as YOUWAN. the chinese currency is pronounced WAN. Spelled YUAN, pronounced WAN.

  26. lol these are people who doesn't wants to close the gap between rich and poor. Rip govt currencies

  27. Bitcoin is bullshit. When I can buy a gallon of milk at the corner store with it its legit. Until then its BULLSHIT

  28. the bankers are playing around with gold certificates. selling gold without having gold. this is a gigantic fraud

  29. all entities threaten by bitcoin kill bitcoin and ethereum because fear is rising banks and gold brokers..

  30. By this guys logic, smart phones are coming to an end because people want tangible buttons on their phones.

  31. Title is fake and gay. This old turd gets it

  32. keep up the good work. i see you fam.

  33. The poster is just using this as a vehicle to pump Regalcoin ponzi.

  34. Hey Kamal this is a FAIL because you goofed up the title – you geek!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Or are you a shill?

  35. the millennials are tired of these old ways and old farts, its cryptocurrencys time!!!!!!

  36. No long future, and will be very big losing on this ? think if people stop paying more for it , than start going down. I don't recommend this ?

  37. Old people won't buy something they can't hold in your hand Bitcoin is a young millionaire's club.

  38. wait til Greece gets on board!!!!!

  39. Butcorn's a loaded debit card but how to reverse a fraud transaction or stop payment dispute or Nigerian kidnapper ransom scam? and if lose the Private key?

  40. Jamie Dimon can SUCK IT.

  41. IOTA
    This project is amazing do your research!!!
    Going up steady today!!!


  42. funny to see a man over 60 thats pro crypto



  45. Stupid old people telling everyone to buy gold

  46. 2:35 On the one hand, he sees bitcoin having a great future. But at the same time, he admits he's never invested in it. That speaks VOLUMES. And yet you morons still want to put your money toward this thing?

  47. Bernie Madoff is blushing.