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Ethereum's Proof of Stake Casper Explanation part 1

Ethereum is planning on making an enormous transfer to Proof of Stake.
Right here is an evidence of how Casper, Ethereum’s Proof of Stake algorithm, works with validators.

Part 2 explains how the foundations of Etheruem’s Proof of Stake can be enforced, and the implementations on Ethereum’s future:

In case you have any questions please remark under!

If you wish to be taught extra (references):

-Vitalik Buterin current publish about Casper and Proof of Stake:

– Nice Article giving an replace of Ethereum’s Proof of Stake progress (additionally has hyperlinks to Caper White Papers):

Nice Overview about Proof of Stake, Ethereum mining, and Ethereum’s Future:

Ivan’s technical clarification of Casper, Ethereum’s Proof of Stake:
( Ivan is coding Casper and is aware of it greatest)

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  1. great video, kinda get how these votes can make a blockchain now. But how is this going to work? when will Ethereum make this change of algorthim? Won't that create a HARD FORKKK?? Thanks for the video looking forward to Part 2!

  2. Vitalik Buterin help a brotha out!

  3. Great Video – proof of stake is going to be a game changer! Thanks for explaining!

  4. One correction needs to be Noted!!
    I quoted an early estimate of how much as Validator needs to stake at 1000 ETH, but the number will be around 10 ETH.
    I apologize for the mistake. I try to emphasize known facts. The correction will be definitely noted in the updated explanation at the end of 2017.
    Thanks for watching!!!

  5. It will never ever ever happen

  6. Here's where I'm lost. If I have no crypto n want to mine under POW. I can do that. I don't need any to start mining. But from everything I heard, POS sounds like you can only mine/validate if you have Eth to begin with. How is the not a potential issue. Am I misunderstanding something here?

  7. I'm Mr Meeseeks. Look at my Ether!

  8. I'm confused about something. Right now the blockchain resides on the miner's computers, right? So when that goes away, where does the blockchain live? Do stakeholders need to have a computer running with the blockchain residing there?

  9. This sounds too centralyzed.

    buys ether anyways

  10. What is the full form of TBA that initiates a block to prepare?

  11. Suppose I have 10 eth to stake, will I get the same amount of eth as reward everytime I validate a block? or will that depend on the block being validated and I could get diff amt of eth everytime my eth validate blocks?

  12. Ethereum classic change a pos? Or only ethereum?

  13. Great video, but the idea is still too abstract to be visualized and understood.

  14. hi, what app you use to create this presentation?? so clearly

  15. Thanks for this great video! But i still wonder if the benefits of validators is depends on how much the steak they owned?