Tuesday , September 22 2020
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How To Generate Your Own Private Keys for Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc)

On this installment of the CryptoSavage Classroom, I present you how you can simply generate your personal non-public keys so that you could safely retailer your cryptocurrency offline with out the necessity for a 3rd social gathering.

URL for Mneumonic Technology instrument:

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  1. The fact that step 1 involves GITHUB, I already know this is going to be too complicated for crypto newbies.

    Just tell them to go to Bitaddress dot ORG and unplug the Internet when generating the private key.

  2. So with jaxx you aren’t in total control of your private key?? I should follow these steps and keep my crypto in there when I’m not using it?

  3. Hi Vin. Thanks for posting this, I needed a bump to get my keys off of Gdax. One glitch, when I try to transfer from Gdax to the address generated by the web form, I get an error saying "Please enter a valid email or Ethereum address – The funds were transferred to Coinbase for processing, but failed to withdraw to 1CWgoie4bd… Please manually withdraw from Coinbase.". Am I missing a step?

    I have successfully transferred from Gdax to Coinomi (thank you for that tool as well). I tried the address as generated, as well as putting "0x" at the beginning to match the format of my Coinomi address (0x3de6b…)

  4. Is having a trezor just as secure as this?

  5. HI!
    Bitcoin is the future and you make it understandable! Great videos!!
    Do you or somone have som spare Bitcoin so i can start playing around whit it??
    If so my the public key is: 36tizJRc7e9T47jbdKYUjVo9JgGsiUPL1Z
    Thx a lot!!!

  6. Thanks. But still don't know what is going on. Arg

  7. Hi Vin! I just heard you speak at the TSP Fall Workshop. Thank you for helping us. Quick question…this video had an Ad on it that talked about Bitconnect. What is your opinion of Bitconnect?

  8. so if with one mnemonic key you can generate all the different private keys. Then how does it know which private key to follow when i enter the mnemonic seed to access my account ? Also does the same mnemonic key work for all crypto currencies or just bitcoin?

  9. Correct me if I'm wrong please, but, can't a screenshot program lie in wait for you to generate these keys then buffer it and transmit it to a hacker once you plug back in to the Internet?

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  11. the file is no longer available. where can i find it?

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  13. can you generate private key for me

  14. Book marking this now ! I can not believe I missed this. Vin nice job your tech skill mixed your gift in teaching makes it very easy and enjoyable to learn. Now I can just share your link. This is, believe it or not is what is needed so bad for basicly everyone. So So valuable. thanks

  15. This is so complicated. Wouldn't physical gold be better?

  16. can i use the address ETH address of coinbase of on mneomi

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