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ETHEREUM IS GOING TO BE $5000-$10000 in 2018!!!

ETHEREUM IS GOING TO BE $5,000-$10,000 in 2018!!! – Good day everybody and welcome again to a brand new video about Ethereum! On this video I give my 2018 Ethereum Value Prediction! On this video I discuss why I believe Ethereum Will Be Over $5000 in 2018. Please maintain in thoughts that this video is SIMPLY SPECULATON and MY OPINION. This video shouldn’t be supposed to be INVESTMENT ADVICE IN ANY WAY! So please don’t take it’s such, thanks for watching!

This channel focuses on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Cryptocurrencies alike! I take pleasure in speaking about all forms of Cryptocurrencies and I’ll attempt that can assist you when investing in Bitcoin or any of those cryptocurrencies that we focus on right here!


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*This channel and this video are NOT skilled recommendation, please do your personal analysis earlier than investing, shopping for, or promoting any sort of asset, cryptocurrency, or order of something talked about!*

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  1. I think ETH is a pretty safe bet, as far as cryptos are concerned. The problem is, most people don't have loads of cash to make a significant investment. All things considered, 2018 will surely be the biggest crypto year so far. Will you be doing giveaways, to help out newbies and grow your channel? LSKj4QrNDUybk6cdFyude2dFfMwegurCpJ (LTC)

  2. Its going to pass 10 000 by the end of next year

  3. Charlie Lee posted on twitter that he thinks multi year bear market is coming for litecoin. Hmmmm.

  4. Ethereum is going down to ADA, graphic analysis just work for cryptocurrencies in short terms. Long-term predictions have to be based in technology and marketing. Ada will overrun Ethereum with it's superior 3rd gen tech.

  5. Ethereum doesn't need hype, that's not Vitaliks' way. It will get to $10,000 and more because of the 2.0 roadmap.

  6. Thank you so much. I do a lot of research. Joseph Lubin, ETH co-founder just announced expansion of ConsenSys to Dubai! ConsenSys is the 450 employee company that supplies the development team for Ethereum and Dubai is one of the world's foremost technology megacenters. Huge money. HUGE. Meanwhile, let Vitalik be Vitalik. It will happen. Already went over $800 3 days after your video was published. New ATH 872. So your estimates for 2018 are probably right.

  7. Today Ethereum market cap 79 millions $

  8. The difference between Ethereum team and other team, including Charlie Lee, they want to change the world, not hype the price. Charlie Lee pumped litecoin price so he can deinvest. Its all market manipulation and some people should end up in prison. Sooner or later, they will.

  9. ok . I hope your OPINION is right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Okay, . according to world bank there's around 5 trillion liquid money going around in the world. For ETH to reach $10000 with a 900B market cap. you're asking almost 20% of all world liquid money to go to this single one asset. That would drain Stock Exchange's volume around the world and truly disrupt the incumbent financial system. Not to mention all the other crytos built on top of ETH and BTC. I estimate 8 trillion market cap for cryto altogether by your $10000 ETH prediction. That' would mean the end the world that we know of

  11. Peculium is coming on the Etherium platform. They have partnered with Google as a savings system utilizing AI. big news.

  12. And now ripple is number 2 with 100 billion market cap Lol !

  13. Drp tokens highly under valued ! Hot buy right now people! Happy New year!

  14. Investment opportunity join karma coin


    Detail will be provided to investors . This will work our idea is too solid for school .

  15. 1 day.. most people won't even be able to buy 1 ETH …

  16. Ethereum now 130 682 192 323 Dolars Market Cap

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