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Cryptobattle #1: Ethereum vs NEO

New collection right here at Younger And Investing: cryptobattles!
Let me know within the feedback beneath which battle you need to see subsequent!
This episode: Ethereum versus NEO!
Each are platforms on which dapps might be constructed and are working with good contracts.
Which is the higher platform total? Which one is the higher funding? Test it out!


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  1. Ubiq has the better technology than both.

  2. The goal of Neo is not te replace Ethereum and be a decentralised platform for ico's and dapps. This has been said by Da Hong Fei several times. They want to integrate with the existing economy and create a smart economy by implementing different technical systems.

  3. First time in history a hard fork in the ethereum network is taking place where the price has decreased rather than increased! You could say this is because another hard fork is happening with Bitcoin where you get 2 coins thefor people are ditching ETH for btc- Could be but that doesnt matter the whales as well as the general public lost trust in ethereum – unforunately it will sink and sink – i hope it goes up because I have 10k invested in it – Once it recovers I will sell and get into something more profitable – Some investment advice people dont stick with One ship when its sinking bbecause you will miss out so many oppurtunities to make money else where – like with Neo/BTC/RIPPLE/DASH

  4. you can tell us something about ripple?

  5. You didn't even mention the total ban on ICOs and exchanges in China and its effect on NEO. Obviously there are not many ICOs on NEO platform, no wonder right? What should be also mentioned is the fact that on Oct 16 50M NEO tokens will be released to the founders, which may have a tremendous effect on its price.

  6. Plenty of room for many smart contract protocols.. I like Stratis too.. if you can’t pick a space leader, pick a niche leader – .NET

  7. And what was the stat I read.. 1.9 million developers in China.. hellooooooo NEEEOOOOOOO

  8. …and don’t forget NEO GAS. 🙂

  9. Ethereum has EEA, a lot of companies backing it, once Byzantium is implemented, it will take off and leave NEO in the dust, there’s no competition, lol.

  10. Indeed, It will basically come down to adoption.

  11. Florincoin vs LBRY – Which one can beat netflix, Spotify and YouTube…Combined!! Both low market cap so plenty of growth potential!

  12. Great vid.. really appreciate your views.. I agree at this stage ETH is a better recognized platform and has attracted more investment thru ICO.. I agree that Neo does have better tech and better long term investment returns.. You forgot to mention that neo pays a return in the form of gas.. If Neo goes to $300 which is approx 10 x its current price Gas could be worth $200 or so.. So around 1000 Neo would return around 20 k per year.. Plus you get any capital growth.. I know where my money is going.. Also on the comment on their first ICo red pulse… Sold out in 67 minutes.. which is partnered with the fastest growing exchange Binance…

  13. Hey mate, thanks for the vid. Forking really matters mate and also, the few dapps in NEO is REALLY good because they vet for insane quality on their platform. The have many many companies waiting to use it….just wait and see….. and please don't forget ICON….ICON will rival from South Korea. Try to look at private company and government support too. This is where NEO and ICON lead. Again, Neo's just started mate…. give it a chance. thanks so much, look forward of your review of the ICON FOUNDATION, watch Lina Koon's interview on YT with Min Kim….let me know what you think.

  14. Here's a step by step guide to buying and storing Neo: https://buyneo.info/

  15. ETH > NEO; this video is mostly just over-conflated bullshit. Thanks!

  16. RedPulse is an ERC20 token, it only sold the ICO tokens for NEO but it is NOT build on the NEO platform.
    However keep in mind that NEO is only a few months old (they were around as antshares before, but they didn't have the infrastructure to create dApps on yet).
    NEO WILL get more dApps build on top of them than ETH in the next few years simply because it's MUCH easier to create dApps on NEO than it is to make dApps on ETH and on top of that NEO is a more powerful platform.
    On top of that ERC20 Tokens could be ported to NEO and there's no reason for them not to do it, because running your token on two platforms is better than running it on only 1 platform.

  17. I would like to see a royal rumble between Sia Coin vs Storj vs Civic

  18. pivx and others vs verge would be great

  19. how it is mined ,and how transaction are validated??

  20. NEO also has quantum security resistance. ETH doesn't. NEO has by far better technology. Once china regulates crypto market things will look better for NEO

  21. Signup here for free hashpower. I found out you can get 100GH/s for free just for signing up. click the link and register.

  22. NEO will see bigger gains in the next year. Etherium will be solid as ever. Having both in your portfolio is a great idea for growth and hedging.

  23. Hi, been watching videos and i enjoy it! just starting to get into crypto and i saw this video and i have a couple of questions:
    1. where can you easily see how many icos are planned for a platform?
    2. i found on the Waves platform that 4 icos are coming within 2 months and 1 in 6 months. Does this mean it might go up a bit within those months? i also was impressed by the're wallet and build in exchange

    ive noticed you were dutch, haha dat ben ik ook :p

    keep up the good work!

  24. IOTA
    This project is amazing do your research!!!
    Going up steady today and just partnered with Microsoft!!!


  25. How about now? ….Do you reconsider your calculations? 😀

  26. man i love your videos you are one of the best youtubers with ivan

  27. Please make another video to update the information

  28. I am an investor in NEO since 9$ and believe it is a good project, however i think EOS will be the game changer here.
    EOS is going to give you amazing returns IF Dan Larimer and his team deliver on what is promised, but I think some people throwing predictions out there are a little hopeful. I predict the price could be $50 and over giving it a market cap of over 50 billion by August, provided that the EOS platform does not have any problems.  after that it can surely go above 100 to meet ethereums current market cap.  I believe they will succeed with this project based on his past track record with Bitshares, Graphene and Steem. If EOS performs at the speed it claims at the release in June, ethereum will most likely have no way to compete. instead of Gas there is a 5% inflation which could be "burned" or reintroduced to developers to make dapps on the eos network. EOS' platform is different than anything out there. DPOS is starting to prove that it is the best method of confirmation, due to no fees and free transactions, No wasted electricity in "mining" coins that amounts to hundreds of billions of lost value every year. As soon as the majority starts to realize this concept, i believe there will be a paradigm shift of people moving money out of other ethereum like coins and into EOS and other DPOS platforms. A lot of people are going to comment that NEO and Cardano, NEM, Lisk, stellar are better, but they haven't done their research! Picture the EOS vs Eth debate like a grocery store. ETH has one checkout line while EOS can open up many parallel checkout lines depending on demand. If something like Crypto kitties gets a lot of notariety and usage, the Ethereum based platform will bog down which is what we saw when crypto kitties came out. EOS will handle thousands of apps like this with no problem. You could host all of the credit card transactions worldwide on the EOS platform, but that's not accounting for any of the other use cases for EOS. It could truly change everything about the way we do business, settle disputes, and can infinitely scale as use cases arise. I will be glad to explain any of these points in further detail and share the knowledge i have attained in this market for the past several years in return for donations. If anyone feels generous enough to donate  litecoin, bitcoin, bitcoin cash, EOS, Eth, or any other Eth based ERC-20 Tokensplease donate to
    bitcoin:  1zk5aiWbhoLbntjVuC4SyHmEAhbHKGJR4   Litecoin:  LSoZEUGUuADANWXtSJMT4XcCh4PpKgFXtq   bitcoin cash:  1CKSvsvsmhJnN6Z4VADxTS2CWEGRmpv8nB   ETHEREUM:  0x74Cfa19c03eCCfD846aDaFC2Ac9A1a4E7a30069A

  29. Great video very helpfull thank you

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