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How I’m Diversifying Against Crypto, Ethereum’s Future, The Power of Networking – CMTV Ep50

Whereas we wait and watch Bitcoin, it is vital to check out your total funding technique. How are you diversified in opposition to crypto? Are you all in? What’s your plan for the long run? On this video I am going to stroll you thru my private thought course of and actions.


Ray Dalio video:
Nassim Taleb – Black Swan:
Tony Robbins – Cash Grasp the Recreation:
Vitalik Video:

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  1. Hey Carter,

    Thanks for all the good info you share. One thing I really want to know… is how you changed Trading View to look like Coinigy?? Much prefer the dark colours of coinigy than TV. You may have mentioned it in another vid that ii may have missed.

    Also, could you explore the reasons/arguments why Crypto WILL NOT work. I have tried to search for these answers but only found big wigs from Banks that give their 10cents worth in an attempt to save their beloved industry…. I would like to hear other peoples view points that have a great understanding of Crypto and why it may NOT work the way we may think.

    Reason is; I am conscious of us all living in an echo chamber and not seeing the other side of Crypto that may not work….

    Look forward to your response.



  2. Really solid information. I think talking to the new guys don't have the bankroll, "1 Egg" Pie chart of diversification anyone?

  3. what a dick, "if you're watching TV for entertainment you're wasting you're time" DUDE GET A LIFE, money isn't everything, sometimes watching a damn episode of Rick and Morty is what you need.

  4. I just found out that what I've been doing all my life and thought it was just me and only me that was doing it, is actually a thing people wrote books on – looking at decisions from a standpoint of my 80-year old self. And it isn't 70 or 90, but exactly 80. Are some concepts just built into human dna? Or am I inventing the universe as I go?

  5. Hey Carter, I really liked the podcast with Ray. Is the anymore podcast you would recommend?

  6. Your sound is way too weird in this video

  7. Thanks again, lot of good and high valuable information Mr. Thomas.

  8. Did anyone see Ray Dalio's comments on Bitcoin bubble. Hate to see such a respected investor dissing Bitcoin.

  9. dude thanks for this great points today!

  10. You and Data Dash, just straight up dudes. I enjoy it. I like when you guys correct errors, and are just humbled by the unknowns. It's the only way to learn.

  11. Carter, I have a question for you here.

    Recently, some less optimistic people in bitcoin have been talking about the future of atomic swaps.

    Essentially, their point is by enabling more coins on the lightning networks, the value of Bitcoin will decrease as people can swap the coins out effortlessly from one another.

    We all know bitcoin derives it's value from utility. Let's say it's just as easy to swap all your bitcoin for litecoin via atomic swap.

    What will that do to the price of Bitcoin?

  12. 50th Episode! Keep it rockin Carter. Thanks as always.

  13. I'm 13 min into this video and still no news of the main topic "how you're diversifying". Are you trying to teach patience? Not working >:( Sorry but dis-like!

  14. People on here obsessed with your voice lol..

  15. Very interesting to hear that about only 4 of 50 people you spoke to holding bitcoins (or altcoins). I noticed also when I speak to people which I know, whether they don't believe in cryptocurrency or they don't know how it works and therefore don't invest. It will be interesting to see the gain of cryptocurrency when it becomes a normal "thing" to pay with it at any store (worldwide). I am travelling a lot, just imagine to not need to exchange money any more as you just pay groceries, restaurant, hotel, etc. with bitcoin!

  16. Always love your insights, but it sounds like you changed your voice with a app or something on this one, I like your real voice. this one sounds crap.

  17. Hi Carter, just subscribed, looking forward to the ride.

  18. Thank you the link to the Dalio video. Very informative.

  19. I am learning a lot with you. Thank you.

  20. He is having a good time at his conference, late nights, that's why is voice is different ha ha.

  21. eth is totaly wothless, just saying guys, like literally 0 value. the chain can NEVER work. structural problems. its a ico dump. scams

  22. Did you hear about ICON? What do you think? They will launch Q4 2017.

  23. How do i sign for the newsletter? It isn't on description

  24. Ray Dalio just said "It's not an effective storehold of wealth because it has volatility to it, unlike gold. Bitcoin is a highly speculative market. Bitcoin is a bubble."

  25. always like your MACRO point of view dude, so easy to caught in the micro of some coins – theres amazing article about Neurolink I read a while ago -mindblowing stuff…anyone, back to cooking this end….

  26. Hey Carter, I'm really new to all of this and I'm really excited to start in the the crypto trading! What's a good startup amount that you think is good? I'm not well to do so I have like SGD$200. Do you think I should invest all of it into one coin, or break it into parts and invest in a few altcoins

  27. carter i see on youre bittrex the dollar price lite up when you scroll over the screen , how can i do this?

  28. A cool holistic analysis….many thanks…..and a big thanks to Peter Brandt as well

  29. I did learn tons about all of this and came to the conclusion is Etherium is a scam.

  30. Simple, sell all your BTC for ETH, problem solved

  31. Ok watched Ray Dalio video.
    take away is dont go into debt. what is the crypto take away

  32. I really like your through approach to your explanation. You should speak with Crypto Spark and share ideas on a live chat for all of us to grow together.

  33. I've found that if you change the background of the chart to a dark grey then the mouse shows up a lot easier – you can use crosshairs too 🙂

  34. Hey Carter..could you please touch on SegWit and the possible hard fork..i've been reading a lot of articles about major possible disruptions and issues..maybe touch on how to shield from any issues…thank you

  35. Thanks for the tips, did you consider moving that cash that your holding into gold? It seems like a better place to put the cash to protect against inflation of the dollar. My local coin shop sells gold – tax free.

  36. Carter, love the part where you emphasize the importance of diversification. Check out the ETF ticker'd: "BOTZ". It's one of the leading artificial intelligence ETFs and there are no transaction fees through Schwab (not sure about other brokers).

  37. Thank you for your time! Please if you can tell me what program you are using to record this video from Screen? the camera on the screen. Thank you!

  38. Thanks for the video! I especially enjoyed the bit on diversification and your opinions on such!

  39. How about Chronobank Time? That's a really really ambitious project.

  40. yo from the UK ! on the back of the networking segment in this video – does anyone want to start a slack channel ?????

  41. Would you still recommend Tony Robbins, money master the game, if I have read books like The intelligent investor by Ben Graham?

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