Tuesday , February 20 2018
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New Ethereum CAHF & BTC GPU Forks = FREE MONEY! / China Ban- Who Cares? / Jaxx BCH / Ripple Sued- R3

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  1. Love the channel. Thank you for your insight! (p.s. Internet Of Things will serve the hierarchy)

  2. You are a HERO ! I have not slept much these days and nights ….it will be all over soon and we will be ok . I would not have known about CAHF if it was not for you Thank you very very much for your efforts ..Your patience will be greatly rewarded …Stay hungry…Stay foolish 🙂

  3. Does this mean the Eth price in value will possibly drop as a result of this uncertainty, Omar?

  4. Curious to get everyone's thoughts on NavCoin. Solid roadmap with a PoS privacy coin looking to expand into DAPPS early next year

  5. When you say Chinese miners you mean the Chinese government!

  6. Bitcoin GPU website is a joke Omar, if we have bitcoin on Bittrex, will BTC GPU added ? Or which exchange will support this joke coin?

  7. Huh? People can already mine via GPU 😂😂😂

  8. Hi Omar, I wonder if you can help me understand something I find strange enough to ask. I noticed that the charts of ether and bitcoin (as seen in Bitstamp) are almost identical in their ups and downs. Why and how is that possible? It means that equal respectfully) amount of money are entering and leaving the chains all the time. Or..?

  9. What is wrong mining btc and a gpu????

  10. Good information. Could you show the screen that you are talking about?

  11. So how you get the free bitcoin GPU or Eth CAHF? Having the coins in your wallet, and when they fork the bitcoin or eth, you will get your those coins? Just like what they did with bitcoin cash ? Thanks

  12. Ell and Wallace just chilling on the couch!

  13. if you wanna gpu mine bitcoin just use Nicehash!

  14. I've heard a interesting Theory on the ICO ban in China but more so on the banning of BTC!!! Weather it's true or not, it seems like a legit argument!!! China wants the BTC Segwit out of the way because they want to mine only BCC and make that the "eastern" BTC and leave Segwit & Segwit2x in the west. So essentially China will dump their US dollars into BCC to be able to break the stranglehold of the dollar as the reserve currency!!! Interesting to say the least

  15. might be about punishing north Korea and thier hackers.

  16. Omar, someone posted your video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8mIK4Awku8
    I thought you would like to know.

  17. After all the Fork Talk remember IOTA IS Unfurkable.

  18. I read that Binance is banning the Chinese from their exchange!!!! Hahahaha take that shit up yo arse China!!!!

  19. @Crypt0…I posted this on the Ledger video, but was not sure how you got notified of comments so I am also including it on this video as well.  Anyway, I watched your Ledger Nano S (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-c52Y1wgJhg&t=0s) video that you recommended after buying my first Ledger Nano S from your referral link and I have a few questions that I am hoping you will cover in a future video.  1.  I read somewhere that you can have multiple Ethereum wallets on the Ledger Nano S?  Do you know if that is true and if so, how would you set that up.  Currently in my mist wallet I have 3 addresses (main account, donations account and one account that I keep my tokens in).  2.  In regards to tokens, how do you view them and/or send them from the Ledger as this was not shown in this video?  I would really love to see an updated version of this video (not really the setup as that is pretty much sell explanatory)  especially answering the questions above and also how to set up different cryptos such as Dash, Litecoin, Doge, etc. (and which ones are supported)  I would also love to see an updated video as you have gotten much more professional in the quality of your videos.  PS:  I really need to get my eth and tokens off of Mist as it is taking forever to sync and I cannot wait to be able to connect and go with the Ledger.  Thanks a bunch and God Bless! Jay

  20. BTC GPU was first thought up in the chat box on the DigitalGold channel here on youtube. You should watch his channel. We've even got a pool started and we'll be mining the fork. Should happen towards the end of the month if not into the first of October. If i'm not mistaken he's just finalizing the wallet. Will this coin be listed on any exchange? Only the people richer and more well connected than anyone in our circle can answer that question. This isn't Bitcoin cash. Don't think this is gonna be like that. But who knows.

  21. Any thoughts on Bit Vault ( phone ) and EOT token

  22. are all exchanges supporting Ethereum hard fork?

  23. Thanks so much! Awesome review, analysis and presentation! Much gratitude!

  24. I can't go to bed without Crypt0's News in my head !

  25. Bro are you getting all Adderalled up and staying up all night are you? I still remember your video talking about nooptrics (sp?) and how incredibly fast you talked and the confidence you exuded. Wasn't meth was it? No accusations here, just looking out.

  26. If China bans, more crypto for the rest us.

  27. Hey nice vid , love the way you killed the FUD 😉 I was wondering, you said that we will be able to get some free ETH, how exactly ? So in order to get free ETH, we will have to transfer ETH to that site before if forks ? thx

  28. I like the idea of Bitcoin gold. I'm not too confident I would trust my private keys to this. But I would be interested in holding some and maybe helping to mine.

  29. I would love to attend a live session, but in Belgium you broadcast in the middel of the night. And I am not an insomniac. I am more a sleep-before-I-hit-my-pillow kind of woman… Maybe you might consider a live session in another timeframe? For the european fans from another timezone??

  30. Hey can I get help in selling my extra unregistered Monaco Black ICO card!? ice got bids but no trust method to prove i will register the card to the buyer. How can I do this… ?

  31. CORION PLATFORM ..What do u think?

  32. Teleport to the moon basically….. Ha ha lmao funniest shit I've heard all day…

  33. bro . Lets get Wallace on Youtube LOOL. Thanks for the update.

  34. Almost 50k Omar!! 👍👍👍👍👍 another great videyo mane

  35. What is the Facebook group? I can't find the link

  36. love these videos Crypt0!

    have you seen this yet? these guys are running a crypto raffle… giving away 7K a week!


  37. sorry to keep going on about this Omar, but i would love for you to cover this, such an important project for humanity https://blog.humaniq.co/humaniq-community-is-born-with-first-two-thousand-app-users-in-ghana-pilot-ahead-of-major-e736c2cc60b

  38. Free Bitcoin earning new site daily Bitcoin 0.052220000 Instantly Payout
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  39. i already got it, but i will be able to sell or withdrawl only at 25th :/

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