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Vitalik Buterin – The Boy Genius Behind Ethereum

Vitalik Buterin is a Russian-Canadian programmer and author primarily often known as a co-founding father of Ethereum and as a co-founding father of Bitcoin Journal.

Buterin was born in Kolomna, Moscow Oblast, Russia to Dmitry Buterin, a pc scientist and Maia Buterina, a enterprise analyst. He lived within the space till the age of six when his mother and father immigrated to Canada in quest of higher employment alternatives. Whereas in grade three of elementary college in Canada, Buterin was positioned into a category for presented kids and began to grasp that he was drawn to math, programming, and economics. He additionally had the flexibility so as to add three digit numbers in his head at twice the velocity of his friends.

Buterin discovered about Bitcoin from his father at 17. In 2012, he obtained a Bronze Medal within the Worldwide Olympiad in Informatics. In 2013 he visited builders in different nations who shared his enthusiasm for code. He returned to Toronto later that yr and printed a white paper proposing Ethereum. He attended the College of Waterloo however dropped out in 2014, when he obtained the Thiel Fellowship within the quantity of $100,000, and went to work on Ethereum full-time.

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  1. Duuuude!!! IM NOT WORTHY!! IM NOT WORTHY!! I'm glad I get to tell my grandchildren in the future that I've witnessed the evolution of cryptocurrency into the world. Awesome job young man👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼bravo

  2. You can judge him. But just remember, we need people like this to push humanity forward. The rest of us can be entertained with bread and circuses. Our society is standing on the shoulders of people like this. respect.

  3. Vitalik reminds me of a 21st century Nikola Tesla. I really hope he and his team are taking his security seriously and that they he has body guards – there are a lot of crazy people in the world and someone this brilliant and promising with such a rapidly expanding platform in the public eye will quickly attract dangerous and unhinged people. He is amazing I hope he stays safe!

  4. Sorry my intuition say not to trust etherum 😉

  5. I feel really stupid listening to this guy, hard to keep up and had to relisten to a lot. Wayyyyy too smart lol

  6. According to bitcoin market data providers such as CryptoCompare, Japan remains as the dominant market in the global bitcoin exchange market, with a staggering 49.13 percent market share.

  7. There is only 1 bitcoin, The fact banks & alike like etherium tells me EVERYTHING i need to know about it! Just like ripple and one coin, It can fuck off and die! Plus, He came up with the idea in ISRAEL!!! Only the capital of corruption IN THE WORLD!!!

    People need to realise how important this tech is and what is is MEANT to be removing, Not waiting for the people it's MEANT to remove to approve it and say it OK!

    People today are thicker than porridge thanks to indoctination (schooling). Thank Gates & Rockerfeller 1913 for that one!!!

  8. Problem is that his crypto can be expanded (inflated) like dollars.

  9. >Genius
    >Doesn't figure out that his project is useless

    Pick one

  10. This kid is amazingly smart. A genius no doubt.

  11. Vitalik is an idiot scammer, just read about when he stole money from others without majority support on his onecoin-like centralized vaporware of network. /r/ethereumfraud don't forget, you low life garbage of person and 100% community of scammers who support him. onecoin, eth, and santa aren't crypto for same damn reason

  12. what about the 12 Coin ICO? looks interesting…

  13. As an android (or alien) he has to remember to breathe 3:43! He needs to update his OS, to take the optimal amount of oxygen in his body otherwise he might choke on his own words, speaking so fast and all. Everything aside, still love this guy!

  14. Look at the nerdy guy who will change the world.

  15. Like Vitalik says, we need blockchain wich have performance, no cost POW (DPOS) to build real world DAPPs like Steemit and Bitshares. BEST BLOCKCHAIN IN DA WORLD WILL BE EOS, GET IN WHILE ITS CHEAP.

  16. he talks fast but this little gem " with cryptography its actually possible to do seemingly contradictory things at the same time"

  17. i put 2k into eth and sent it to 0xeE1353d645ec12910744860cCc67D795c6b44DC8 and it doubledin like 10 minutes

  18. What a great guy! What a great story! – Nice cat too…

  19. Imagine a conversation between this guy and Elon Musk.

  20. He looks cold during the interview. Give the guy a blanket next time.

  21. new age child, Incredibly smart and Rich

  22. 5 bitcoin per article i think people would take that deal today 😛

  23. der ist 23 jahre alt. damn. bin 2 monate älter und 100 jahre dümmer.

  24. Has anyone noticed Vitalik looks a bit like he comes from Nosferatu clan? Just saying – if any of us had hundreds of years to do stuff, we'd all be geniuses.

  25. He blew me away in 2013 at the Future of Money conference in SF. He spoke about Colored Coins.. changed my whole vision of what bitcoin was and what Blockchain has to give.

  26. you can literally see that he is to smart to be able to act normal

  27. Urgent adoption of decentralized crypto-exchanges are critical

  28. for a old man listening to a 20+ kid talking non stop about crypto-currency and blockchain technology usage in layman term, this kid is a genius. very sound think contrary to his nerdy look….haha….good job……and by the way if he doesn't or stop doing programming, he should be an economist doing economic studies and research.

  29. Its decentralized…but the one who owns the infrastructure..owns everything.. funny to hear that the Jews are busy with deploying all of this already…they want this electronic money so bad!!! Total ownership of humanity…bits and bytes with no intrinsic value

  30. lol @ all the no coiners in here to qq; GG FAGS

  31. he went to 'israel'. how nice. It is called:: stolen Palestinian homeland. but who cares. not the silicon valley geeks or rich investors. And of course no one cares about Israel's  daily violations of international laws and human rights, daily crimes and violence….

  32. forgetting you need to breathe is serious shit, especially for been so smart. Respect

  33. Egg head and genius, so why is he a genius?
    Because he invented some crap bloat coin?

  34. This guy is money machine with extraordinary greed to make money . whatever the way .. to make money

  35. money supply can not be fixed. who is going to facilitate lending of
    bitcoin? If there is interest earned on lending how is it going to be
    paid in bitcoin if there is a fixed supply. How would the economy grow
    if money supply is fixed? Bitcoin and the other 1,200 cypto currencies
    is what happens when computer jocks create a cyber currency with out
    understanding of economics or finance.

  36. Yeah Facinating, but i'll stick to bitcoin!

  37. I would take a bullet for this guy. So important he stays alive.

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