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Daily: Chinese Exchange update! Ethereum raiden testnet launches

Boxmining Day by day Sept sixth
1:00 Market Recap
three:10 Raiden Testnet!
China Replace:
four:00 ICOINFO: Refunds three extra ICOs
four:30 Yunbi: Buying and selling Stopped for some time
6:22 Binance: Receives VC funding, refunds TRON
eight:04 Hong Kong points warning
9:53 Improve Time

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  21. Binance (BNB) sure isn't back to normal, I wonder if the Chinese regulators will make those investors right? They got hammered big time.

  22. So isn't OmiseGO in HongKong? They're still considered an ICO I don't want a "NEO" to happen to "OMG" that would be too brutal on my wallet LOL!

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    transfer (authority) from central to local government.

  39. ICO ban is the greatest thing to happen to the Crypto environment. Think about it, over 1000 ICOs were going to be released from China. over 50% were crapcoins. In the mid to long term, that would have damaged the integrity of Crypto. Legitimate ICO companies like COMSA is needed to vest ICO's before going live. It's the only way for the Crypto community to become mainstream and be accepted in society.

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