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Daily: Coinbase Reverses, WannaCry Withdraws, Ethereum Sharding

Boxmining Every day Aug 4th:
zero:52 Market Recap
three:05 Extra Exchanges add Bitcoin Money (Coinbase)
four:08 Wanna Cry Hackers shapeshift to Monero
5:09 Ethereum Sharding with Python?
6:19 China Highlight: Let’s fork once more!
Upcoming: Finwise
7:13 Improve Time

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  2. Forking has GOT to be stopped, or crypto currencies will lose all value and credibility. Also, the use of the Bitcoin name in BitcoinCash should never have been allowed. There MUST be some way for the original coin to protect its name and trademark, or other "forkers" will devalue its standing in the world. Regardless of how decentralized a coin is, the fundamentals of business still apply to all coins. I am amazed at how loose and unprotected these coins leave themselves.

  3. upgraded genesis by 0.35TH code:4bfwsn

  4. Love the videos, I was wondering if you could cover a bit more on IOTA and the Tangle? 🙂

  5. What is wrong with you? "ACTUALLY " used 4x in one sentence?

  6. Hi, thanks for your time and doing this 🙂

  7. Michael, I wonder if you are you planning on doing a video on Vertcoin?

  8. What's happened to ether. It hasn't moved what so ever. It's frustrating.

  9. I would welcome an instructional video on how to extract BTC and BCH from a single BTC paper wallet. I understand there are risks that the first transaction will reveal the private key and the coin stolen from the second coin before it can be extracted/transferred.
    Hope that makes sense.
    I really enjoy your daily updates on the crypto scene. I am perhaps unusual in being a crypto fan at the age of 69.
    Cheers Andrew.

  10. Off topic:

    There are a maximum of 21 million bitcoins.
    When this number is reached, there won't be anyone mining bitcoin anymore, since there are no rewards.
    Does this mean there can't be any transactions either, without the miners?

  11. You should do a Trezor tutorial for splitting BTC from BCH

  12. upgraded genesis by 0.5TH code: aPKLhN

  13. How come BCH has become a successful currency when you cannot take it out from popular wallets like Trezor, Transfer to exchanges or sell even for bitcoin. I know you can give me 1 or 2 examples but that hardly a measure of success. It still has some value cause people still cannot dump it. When rest of the world starts to dump it then even whole of China can buy and save it from crashing. Having said that I do not plan to dump it cause I do not give a shit about it. It is too much hard work to split my bitcoins from this Shitty BCH and try to get some money out of it. I would rather leave my BTCs safe and sound how they are at the moment. They forked BTC to make a currency that did not add any value to the crypto world except for some benefit for greedy miners. Litecoin is already way way ahead of BCH in terms of user usability and technology. A bunch of assholes forked so that they can keep exploiting ASIC boost and keep making millions of dollars. China should know better and start innovating like they used to do 100s of years ago. Making fake iphone and forking bitcoin will only give short term gain while the rest of the world move on.

  14. Would you know how to clain BCC on JAXX wallet? Thanks.

  15. paper wallets would be nice 🙂

  16. How to become a Millionare in 2 easy step!
    Setp 1. Buy a Billion dollar worth of BCash
    Step 2. Sell end of this month.

  17. Subbed. You're way smarter than crypt0. That dude is such a weirdo

  18. ETH is dead  – its been at early 200s for ages ! People are transferring their funds from Bitcoin Cash into Bitcoin Not ETH because none trusts it no more Long live ETH Eth traders are just gamblers !sell sell sell

  19. You were promising a video about Byteball ;( Next distribution is on Monday 7 August, it would be good to shout so everyone is well informed and wont miss out. If you still haven't tried I can donate in Byteblls so you can check how mature the project is. Peace!

  20. why zcash so bad lately ?

  21. Hi Looking forward to the session on wallets. Two I would like you to speak on is Bittrex and Bitfinex. I was told Bitfinex is one of the more technologically advanced wallets. Would like to know you opinion.

  22. Oh, I missed the memo, haha, I'm still on Genesis mining. Just updated 0.7TH using your affiliate code. I'm 5Me2GB if you are still doing the draws! Cheers

  23. Want to talk About WOLK?!

  24. Sorry for the noob question. Why do you need to upgrade the Genesis Mining contract every day? How does this work?

  25. Thanks for the content! I'm curious, if I still have bitcoins at Coinbase that I left there prior to the fork, do you know if I need to keep my coins there to receive my allocated bitcoin case by 1/1/18? Or am I free to move my bitcoins now anywhere and I should still receive what's mine during the fork?

  26. How do I get my bit cash from my existing Coinbase account

  27. When it comes to BHC, Exodus handled it like a pro again. Access to your private keys and with the update, a claim Bitcoin Cash button. So easy, best wallet.

  28. Please do a tutorial on extracting using Jaxx. Thanks Mike

  29. I'm balls deep in oh me say motha fucking go go Go!

  30. I extracted BCC using Electrum wallet, worked for me then shapeshifted it.

  31. coinjar exchange refuses to credit BCC they want to keep it all 🙂

  32. LOL do they really want BBC 00==================D

  33. BCC's market cap is evaporating pretty fast. If you're looking to buy i'd hold off for now.

  34. LiteCoin Is going to the MOON Today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  35. Bitcoin is about to hit $3200. This is nuts.

  36. There's been a debate that Monero isn't truly a privacy coin, so if the hackers get caught then this will confirm those arguments against monero. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds because I'm big on monero, and part of me wants to see monero succeed on their project but at the same time, the hackers need to brought to justice. Keep me updated please!

  37. thank you for all videos. please make one to show how can take out bicoin cash from an exodus wallet.

  38. Hey bro, I think you are hitting your mic or something. I keep hearing boom-boom, every once in awhile.

  39. Can't wait for youtube to realise omisego xP

    Went from #40 – #20 in 2 days

  40. I'm HODL'ing #bitcoincash in my wallet…I honestly don't know an exchange that allows $bch deposit yet.

  41. BTC is at $3250…I would say that's a little more than a small gain.

  42. I like your videos. You seem to be pretty balanced on your option of the hard fork and other things. I also really appreciate that you sometimes cover what discussions are going on in China based non-English forums about BCC and such. I'm always curious what other parts of the world think about things like the hard fork, and I only (barely) speak English 😉

  43. best faucet app for coinbase :
    Download Free Bitcoin Spinner. Earn Bitcoin for FREE! https://coinspinner.me/c/QIPBR0

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